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Concordia sites around the world have started construction.  Tyler and Erica have the first chance to talk in weeks and seem to be on an up swing.

Diana tells Marcus that Anna is a fool not to believe that she has been infected by human emotion. He leaves stating he will tell Anna that they had this talk, but doesn’t.

The Fifth Column are able to put together that the Visitors will use Concordia as a landing site for their invasion.  Erica has a plan to make blue energy look dangerous.

Lisa brings Erica and Kyle blue energy so that Sid can test it to sabotage her mothers plan.

Anna realizes that her plan to get the soul out of humans in not working so she tries giving a human bliss. It works, but nearly kills her.  

Later, she tries it on Tyler and it works. Lisa catches her mother doing so, and goes to inform Diana who tells her that they must destroy Anna.

Sid goes in to sabotage Anna’s plans,  but Ryan gets there to try and stop him, but Sid ended up pressing the button anyway.  Erica gets there and allows Ryan to deactivate it.

Joshua remembers that he is a part of the fifth column and saves Lisa before she gets caught with the blue energy.

Sid shows the rest of the Fifth Column that other motherships are not coming, they are already there.

Lisa tells Erica that her mother is now able to mind control humans and she will have to work with them in order to stop Anna’s plans.  Erica brings Ryan and Lisa in to show the rest of the Fifth Column that Diana is there to help them overthrow Anna.

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V Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Under her leadership, our enemies have grown stronger.


Mom, I'm sorry I didn't mean to blame you.