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Joshua and Anna are collecting DNA from the human race for their master plans.

Erica and the rest of the Fifth Column put together a plan to infect the next batch of live aboard to ruin Anna’s plans of world domination.  The break into a building to steal a virus to infect the live aboard people.

Anna uses Ryan’s daughter and tries to have Ryan killed.

Lisa is making out with Rafael when Tyler walks in. Tyler punches him and he falls to the floor dying the same way the young man in China did.

One of the men that Erica infected passes out on the floor. Joshua tested him and found the virus.  Anna alerted the other Visitors to test the other ships to make sure no other people are infected.

Anna sends word that these people were part of the Fifth Column and killed themselves in an explosion. Jack feels terrible about  the innocent people dying and can’t believe Erica doesn’t care.

Ryan meets with Lisa and she takes him to meet Diana. Diana tells Ryan of a secret way to escape and offers his daughter bliss.  Ryan escapes and promises he’ll be back to save his daughter.

Diana tells Lisa to let Marcus know that she is alive.

Kyle stops by Erica’s house and offers a friendly drink. They end up doing it.

The episode ends with Anna injecting Tyler with the completed serum.

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V Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Tyler's gone. Anna took him from me. If we are going to win this war, we need to stick a dagger in Anna's plan.


Now that I've decapitated the leader of the Fifth Column, my plans can go ahead on schedule.