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Fifteen years passes when Anna goes to visit her mother. Anna tells her mother she locked her up for the good of their own kind – that human emotion was affecting her.

Diana gets Anna to admit that Earth is the only viable planet to interbreed, yet the Visitors are not able to be unaffected by human emotion.

Lisa goes to visit Erica to inform her that Joshua is not dead, but he does not remember anything. Erica tells Lisa she must find out if Joshua remembers anything about the fifth column and also if they’ve ever done testing on human pregnancies back 18-20 years. Lisa realizes that she’s directly speaking about herself and her pregnancy with Tyler.

Erica goes to visit Sid to analyze Tyler’s blood.

Ryan goes to Valerie’s wake where her parents blame him for her death. A V gives him something so that he can see his daughter.

Chad meets with a woman named Ilene who will be the first woman to give birth by the V’s.  Indirectly Marcus hears Chad inform Ilene that her decision could be a dangerous situation for her baby.

A guy meets with Jack and tells him that he heard his sermons on the internet. He believes it’s time to fight against the Visitors. He then goes to a Visitor peace center and blows himself up.

Erica and the rest of the FBI team head to where the mass killing happened at the peace center.  There are many more people are trying to stop the Visitors.

Anna puts Joshua in a memory test and the last thing he remembers is being shot by Erica and being a devoted V.  

Erica and Kyle head to the bombers house and find a map where it shows the next target. Kyle doesn’t understand why Erica is calling it in.

Erica gets to the building and realizes that Chad’s the target and gets to him before the bomber does.

Anna goes to visit her mother to find out how to defeat human emotion. She agrees to tell her what she knows for a memory. Diana tells Anna that the soul is what makes humans human. Anna believes she will be able to find this and destroy it.

Agent Sarita Malik gets a text to go where the next bomber is. Kyle gets knocked out and realizes that she is a sleeper.

Chad tells Jack that the next target could be Erica.  Erica is in a car with Agent Sarita Malik when they both realize that the other is up to something. Erica crashes her car.

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V Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Hello! Don't you people ever say hello?


Diana: I never imaged that it would take so long.
Anna: Take so long for what?
Diana: For you to admit that you felt human emotion.
Anna: Don't be ridiculous.