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On “Serpent's Tooth,” we quickly learn that Anna has kept her mother a prisoner for over fifteen years and all the Visitors believe that Diana is dead. Talk about tough love.

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It now makes sense why Anna is such a tyrant over human emotion. She truly believes that it will be the downfall of her species.  As much as Anna doesn’t want to admit it now, Diana seems to be right on target.  And there’s nothing more annoying than a mother who is always right.

From the beginning of the episode, straight on through to the last couple minutes, everything Diana said to Anna was 100% accurate. She even predicted that Lisa would betray Anna. Creepy.  If Dianna ever escapes, I am sure this gal could quite easily land a job as a psychic.

Diana informs Anna that it is the human soul that holds the key. What Anna doesn't understand is that this is something she can't locate and destroy. I like how this scene switches from Anna and Diana to Ryan and Father Jack.

Father Jack does a great job explaining to Ryan that the soul is something truly amazing and even though Ryan is not human, he may have the ability to find his inner soul. However, all Ryan can hear when he concentrates is Anna's voice calling him back.

Anna truly believes that Joshua will be able to find the soul and destroy it. Do you think that it is even possible? Funny how this scene is very reminiscent of The Little Mermaid when Ursula captures all the mermaid souls and bottles them up for her amusement. Just saying...

Erica really is very close to unwrapping the mystery surrounding her pregnancy with Tyler. From what we learned last season, Tyler's dad is not his biological father. Does this mean that Tyler could be half human, half Visitor?

Not like Erica doesn’t have enough problems with trying to figure that one out, but she really lands herself in a big stinking pile of doodoo when Agent Sarita Malik realizes that she, too, is living a double life.

I can’t wait to find out what happens next with these two. From the looks of it, Agent Malik is the only one that gets out of the car – but Erica can’t be dead. What do you think will happen next? Will Erica be able to kill Malik before she gets back to Anna?

Probably the one character that had it the hardest this week is Ryan.

I say this because he had to bury the love of his life, all the while watching Anna hurt his first born. I hope Ryan doesn't become a traitor, but I could see why it would be very tempting for him to go back to following Anna's rule. She's got his baby girl. And boy, is she super cute... with human skin, that is... without the skin? Kind of creepy, don't you think?

Meanwhile, Father Jack had a chance to stop a bomber, but failed to see what his true intentions were. It seemed that this decision really weighed heavily on Jack. Hopefully, Jack and the Fifth Column members will be able to track the other bombers and join forces with them. From the looks of it, they will need more than just a couple people to stop the Visitors from world domination.

Overall, I loved this week's installment and can't wait to find out more about Tyler, Ryan's baby, and if Anna will be able to destroy a human soul. What did you think?

Serpent's Tooth Review

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V Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Hello! Don't you people ever say hello?


Diana: I never imaged that it would take so long.
Anna: Take so long for what?
Diana: For you to admit that you felt human emotion.
Anna: Don't be ridiculous.