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Erica v. Anna
Watch V Season 2 Episode 10
"Mother's Day"
Original Air Date:

It's the second season finale of V. We meet Lars Tremont on the installment, a member of a secret organization.

Chad Decker Image
Watch V Season 2 Episode 9
"Devil in a Blue Dress"
Original Air Date:

Diana tells Lisa she must act against Anna on this episode, while Sid comes to a realization that the size of the reactor is too large.

Uneasy Lies the Head Scene
Watch V Season 2 Episode 8
"Uneasy Lies the Head"
Original Air Date:

Erica leads the Fifth Column on an attack against Anna this week. The latter, meanwhile, comes across a major obstacle.

Off to Hong Kong
Watch V Season 2 Episode 7
"Birth Pangs"
Original Air Date:

Erica heads to Hong Kong this week, while Anna learns something troubling about Tyler's phosphorous level. Read on for a full recap.

From Siege
Watch V Season 2 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

Anna enlists the help of Ryan this week. Elsewhere, Father Travis takes an order from the Vatican and asks Jack to leave the church.

Concordia Gala
Watch V Season 2 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

Eli tries to convince Erica that there's an ideal time to take out Anna at her Concordia gala.

Jay Karnes on V
Watch V Season 2 Episode 4
"Unholy Alliance"
Original Air Date:

Jay Karnes guest stars on this episode as FBI agent Chris Bolling. He helps Erica try to hunt down the leader of a radical faction of the Fifth Column.

A Need to Torture
Watch V Season 2 Episode 3
"Laid Bare"
Original Air Date:

Erica discovers that Malik is a Visitor on this installment, as she does all she can to stop Anna from finding out she's Fifth Column. Elsewhere, Lisa doesn't like the changes her body is going through.

Serpent's Tooth Scene
Watch V Season 2 Episode 2
"Serpent's Tooth"
Original Air Date:

Anna and Diana square off on this episode, while Erica has Tyler's blood analyzed. She learns the Vs did something to her when she was knocked up with him.

Erica and Company
Watch V Season 2 Episode 1
"Red Rain"
Original Air Date:

The season two premiere picks up right where season one left off. What's with the red sky? Erica goes on a journey to locate a scientist who can provide this answer.

V Season 2 Quotes

Erica: Why did you do this?
Anna: You killed my children, so I killed yours.

(to Erica) Mom, what is this? What did you do to us?