Jack Attacks Savino
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-When Ralph arrests Frank, an employee of the Savoy's count room on soliciting prostitution with Patricia, a 17 year old girl, he only wants to find the girl's pimp.  The FBI has other idea.


-The FBI agree to drop all charges if Frank testifies about the skimming practices at the Savoy. Jack tells Mia about the FBI's plan but won't give up Frank's name. It doesn't take her long to figure it out. 


-Mia gets Patricia out of police custody but instead of sending her back to her pimp, she puts her up in a house for girls in Chicago and pays for secretarial school. Patricia sends Ralph a letter with information on her pimp so he can arrest him.


-Jack assaults Savino in his offer about Mia but he actually plants a listening device in his office phone. 


-Dixon falls for Violet and helps her try to break things off with her producer but things don't go as planned when he just gives her a larger role in one of his films. Violet heads back to Hollywood but Dixon follows.


-Yvonne's singing talent is discovered by the Savoy's talent director and she heads to Hollywood to meet with a music producer.


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Vegas Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

She's a child and you're a grown man. That's enough to get you beatings and god knows what else in Nevada state.


Sheriff: I want you to run down her parents.
Patricia: Might as well search for the Easter bunny while you're at it.