Mia's Mother
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-Lena Rizzo arrives in town. Mia thought her mother was dead. Turns out her father banished her from Mia's life when he thought Lena had cheated on him. Mia's skeptical but begins a relationship with her mother.


-Lena brings in high rollers and sleep with Savino but she tells Mia to protect herself because no one else will.


-The skim doesn't make it to Chicago because the DA's been kidnapped. Actually DA Reynolds sets up his own kidnapping. 


-The Sheriff finds Reynolds and realizes the kidnapping was a hoax and Reynolds is Savino's mole. The FBI offers him a deal is he goes back and gets more information on Savino.


-Savino suspects a set up and finds the man accused of kidnapping Reynolds. He tells Reynolds to shoot him. Instead Reynolds turns the gun on Savino but it's filled with blanks. 


-Later in the wire tap, Ralph, Katherine, and Jack hear Savino's code that the skim made it to Chicago and the lawyer was taken care of.


-In Hollywood, Dixon finds that Violet is back in Silver's bed.  Silver hits Yvonne when she refuses to have sex with him for a job. Dixon beats up Silver.


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Vegas Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Savino: That's impossible. Lena Rizzo is dead.
Lena: Vincent, do I look dead to you?

Under the circumstances you either carry your weight or you become dead weight.