Jack Breaks The News
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-Hollywood producer Tommy Stone steals the Savoy's singers for the Hacienda, until Savino hires Tommy and his contracts are transferred to the Savoy.


-Dixon's old friend Pete is injured when he gets involved with a stolen car ring to make money to win custody of his daughter.  Turns out his ex-wife's boyfriend rigged his car to crash. With Dixon's help, the charges against Pete are dropped and he gets his little girl.


-Jack tells no one that he killed Rizzo. Only Savino knows and agrees it's best for both of them to keep it quiet.


-Katherine threatens Savino. She'll tell Chicago his wife is a rat if he doesn't confess to Rizzo's shooting. Savino points out that that is as good as killing his wife. He tells Katherine she doesn't have the guts and walks out.


-Jack switches out his finger prints from the crime scene investigation when the file is sent to the FBI.


-Mia suspects Vincent of killing Rizzo and wants to keep him close to prove it. With Chicago looking to double the skim now that Rizzo is gone, Mia tells him she wants to be the Head of Casino Operations to help. Savino agrees.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

You know what's really going to hurt her. Finding out that her boyfriend killed her daddy.


If you got into it with Rizzo, maybe it was because you were sleeping with his daughter.