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When Dean and Hank go missing and Sgt Hatred wakes up with a yellow dart in his neck, Dr. Venture knows exactly where they are... at the Monarch's.  The two put in a call to the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, who deny any such involvement, but vow to get to the bottom of it.  When the two cannot produce the kids, Dr. Venture and Hatred head back to Malice, the neighborhood where Monarch now lives in Phantom Limb's old place and next door to Hatred's old place.

At the cacoon, Monarch is enjoying his latest gourmet meal, but has a nasty allergic reaction, the night before his interview with Modern Enemy Monhtly!  Dr. Girlfriend claims they called her up and asked her to do the spread and heads outside for the midnight shoot.  Monarch heads over to cacooon bar, while Dr. Girlfriend meets up with Dr. Venture.  The two of them have a suprisingly non-sexual, deep conversation.  Meanwhile, Sgt Hatred ends up stalking outside his old place watching Princess Tiny Feet getting it on with her new man and just screams in the rain.

Meanwhile, Hank and Dean have been being "tortured" by Henchman 21, who believes them responsible for 24's death.  As he recounts his story of what he did after 24's death, including how he got so ripped and so much respect around the cacoon, he realizes that he's actually responsible for 24, not the boys.  He lets them go and the Monarch runs into them on their way out.  He sends them home in a cab and then heads over to 21's tree fort.  It's a great scene where 21 reveals that although he now has everyone under his control at the cacoon he could never lead... he doesn't have true hatred in his heart like the Monarch.

After the credits we see someone with a yellow glove that someone cross "The Venture" off the list 21's list and even moved 24's skull.  Is he still alive?

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Dean: All right, fine. But in the future, could you warn us before you do that?
Sgt. Hatred: In the future, the lazy Eloi will be living above ground. But underground, there will be cave monsters that use the above ground people for food. Dean, they eat them.
Dean: Now I know what happened to my copy of The Time Machine.
Hank: See, I didn't take it! I expect an apology. And also, I want a dollar. Emotional damage.

Henchman 86: Man! I'm so glad I didn't mention the car accident.
Henchman 21: Car accident? Car accident? That was no car accident. 24 died in a car intentional.