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When Dean is losing his hair and putting it under his bed for the "hair fairy," Dr. Venture decides it's time for Dean to start taking his career in science more seriously.  He converts the panic room into Dean's own little science lab and introduces him to the ultimate science muse... progressive rock. 

Sgt Hatred convinces Venture to build a bunch of exploding dummies of himself around the compound for the next time Monarch or Baron Underbheit come around.  While dropping off materials for the place, the delivery guy gets a bad feeling and later has the shining and calls the cops on them.

Meanwhile, one of Dr. Venture's failed clones of Dean that he aborted for being too ugly has been living in the attic for years now.  He's been slowly building a new skin to look more like Dean out of leather and when it's complete, he heads down into the real world.

Meanwhile, Hank is grounded for making fun of his dad in public and is stuck doing chores while being groomed for his future... as a delivery guy.  He decides to rebel with Dermott and they end up taking Rusty's car for a spin.  They accidentally run over aborted Dean's replica of Dean and think they've killed him.  Dermott convinces Hank to run away to Mexico.

With his dummy gone, Aborted Dean decides to go after the real Dean.  He first knocks out Sgt Hatred and chases Dean around the compound.  They end up setting fire to the compound in the lab and soon the police arrive (from the shining guy calling them).  Everything ends with Aborted Dean hallucinating with one of the Rusty Venture dummies and hugging him and exploding.

After the credits, we see Hank in Mexico but it turns out he's just listening to one of Hatred's Jimmy Buffer records.

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Dean: I have been practicing my career in science, look at these
Dr. Venture: Shrinky Dinks don't count, Dean, I'm not even gonna ask why you sleep with those things
Dean: Because I can't find Mr. Reach

Dean: You're the...
Dr. Venture: Dean, we need to talk.
Dean: There is no Hair Fairy, is there?
Dr. Venture: Not even close