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The episode opens with an action sequence of the Monarch chasing after Venture in caccoon.  He catches him in a web and as he's about to finish him, Venture's alarm clock goes off.. it's time for his group therapy.  Apparently the guild has a new clause for mental health issues and the Monarch is forced to let him go.  Dr. Venture attends his group therapy which includes Johnny Action, a parody of the Hardy brothers Lance and Dale Hale (voiced amazingly by Seth Green and John Hodgman), an overweight ex-wonderboy of Captain Sunshine's (voiced by Patton Oswalt), and Ro-Boy (Chris McCulloch).

The members are all boy adventurers grown up dealing with their issues.  Just as their coming to terms with their problems, their therapist is killed by a snake and the group teams up to solve the case!  They end up going to a strip club, "Nighten ales," and eventually end up at Dr. Z's house.  By the end, Dr. Venture realizes he doesn't have time for this crap, he's no longer a boy adventurer, he's a successful scientist with two kids of his own and heads home.

Meanwhile, Hatred takes Hank and Dean to some fantasy movie and can't handle all the young children in the theater and runs to the bathroom to take more of his no molesto medicine, but is all out.  He heads home and locks himself in the panic room.  Hank and Dean hitch a ride from Henchman 21, who's at the theater with some friends.  Hank and Dean hatch a plan with him and they lure Hatred out and capture him to get him the help he needs.  It's a gross plan involving Hank dressing up as Princess Tinyfeet and we wish we could erase it form our minds.

After the credits, we find out it was the Monarch that had the therapist killed so Rusty would have one less excuse.

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

My dad's lab was like a pharmacological candy store, so I started real young. Next thing I know, I'm blowing lines of voodoo powder off the back of a monkey's paw I bought in Calcutta. Now I'm all out of wishes.

Action Johnny

Wonderboy: Beep boop.
Lance Hale: What was that?
Wonderboy: I just turned off the radio in my utility belt like he said to.
Action Johnny: You said "beep boop" with your mouth.
Wonderboy: No I didn't. Leave me alone.