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We meet up with the Order of the Triad as they're trying to stop their nemesis, Torrid, from opening a portal to Hell.  After Torrid succesfully opens a portal, a being made out of fire comes down and kills Jefferson.  As the Alchemist and Orpheus unsuccessfully fight the demon, The Outider comes out from the portal, kills the creature and brings Jefferson back to life.  As he leaves, we learn from Orpheus that Outrider is the man who stole his wife.

Orpheus seeks advice from his Master who encourages him to kill the Outrider, so he grabs the rest of the Triad and they head back to the portal.  Before they can open the portal, Torrid comes flying out and the Outrider chases after him.  Only this time, the Torrid sacrifices himself to send the Outrider to Hell.  The Triad enlists Billy to help them perform a surgery on Outrider to bring him back.  To bring him back, the Alchemist and Orpheus end up going to Hell and it takes Jefferson to bring them back with his new found magic.

Meanwhile, Dean continues to awkwardly love Triana, who continues to lead him on.  Hank takes Dean out to try and pick up chicks at the mall where they run into Dermott who actually gives Dean some decent advice.  He tells Dean to at least see where things could go with another girl.  Back at home, Triana stumbles into her closet and the Master shows her the potential future with Dean as her husband.  He convinces her to abandon her dad's plan for her to go to art school and to go live with her mom and become a sorceress.

Venture Brothers
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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Dr. Orpheus: The time is now! Triad, join me! For I am Dr. Orpheus! Master of Mysticism!
The Alchemist: I don't want to do that introducing ourselves bit. It's goofy. let's not die being goofy.
Jefferson Twilight: I'm with Al. Maybe we could sing a Stevie Wonder song together.
The Alchemist: Yeah, that's not much better.

Torrid's a dick. Who does that? Who opens up Hell? Honestly?

Jefferson Twilight