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During the season four second half premiere, we open with Henchman 24 leading an attack against Sgt. Hatred and unconscious Dr. Venture.  After an MRI fails to work on the Doc (due to metal pins in his body), Hatred calls upon Billy Quizboy and Pete White to save the day.  They shrink a SPHINX submarine with Brock, Hank and Dean and send it inside Rusty's body to investigate.  Inside the find the source of the problem: a bloodclot that was formed from a previous shrunken submarine carrying the dead bodies of Hank and Dean clone #7.  Brock and the boys take the old submarine out, while the other Shore Leave returns their sub.

Meanwhile, the Monarch goes through a little mid-life crisis and becomes obsessed with his new Butter-Glider.  To try and get back her husband, Dr. Girlfriend make a deal with Henchman 24.  If he captures Venture, he'll get his spiffy new suits he wants.  Henchman 24 leads the crew on strike to attack Venture against guild rules.  As they break into the compound, a phone call from Girlfriend to the Monarch sends him to help his henchmen.

The Monarch captures the unconscious body of Rusty and as he's retreating, he's shot with the shrink ray on reverse, expanding Venture's body and collapsing the glider.  The SPHINX submarine escape out his eye, now at normal size, but the original is still stuck in Rusty's prostate.  The lube comes out...

Venture Brothers
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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Hatred: There just wasn't anymore they could have done.
Dean: They could have tried.
Hatred: I know, but he didn't have any insurance and they wouldn't accept my diner's club card.

I'm out of gun food.