Wanda - WandaVision Season 1 Episode 7
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Now in the late '00s, early '10s, Wanda wakes up after expanding the borders of Westview. She plans on punishing herself by spending the day by herself.

The things in their world start malfunctioning and changing from one decade to another.

S.W.O.R.D. sets up a temporary retreat eight miles outside of Westview. The signal from the broadcast in Westview is gone.

Vision wakes up next to the circus. He finds Darcy, whose alter ego at the circus is an escape artist.

Wanda tells the twins that the Pietro they met is not their uncle.

Agnes comes by and takes Billy and Tommy off of Wanda's hands for the day.

Monica and Jimmy, having escaped Wanda's expansion, receive Darcy's email regarding details about Hayward's files. They were all R and D reports on the project with the code name Cataract.

Hayward wasn't trying to decommission Vision, he was trying to bring him back online. Nothing worked until Wanda stole him.

Monica and Jimmy meet up with Major Goodner, who brought them a way to get into the Hex -- a heavily armored space rover.

Vision uses his powers to awaken Darcy's true self.

Wanda's house is rapidly changing and she can't fix it.

In a commercial for Nexus, an antidepressant is shown.

Monica, in the space rover, fails to make it through the Hex. She gets out and pushes through by herself. She apparently gains powers as a result, and she gets inside Westview remaining her true self.

Darcy fills Vision in on his life before Westview.

Monica confronts Wanda, but Agnes interferes and takes Wanda back to her house.

Wanda looks for Billy and Tommy in Agnes' basement, but she finds a strange lair.

Agnes appears and reintroduces herself as Agatha Harkness, a witch. She has been behind some of the mishappenings in Westview, like Pietro's appearance.

In a mid-credits scene, Monica tries to sneak into Agatha's house but is caught by Pietro.

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WandaVision Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Darcy: Can I help you, creeper?
Vision: You don't remember me from last night? We locked eyes. There was a unspoken understanding.
Darcy: Um, hard pass.

As punishment for my reckless evening, I plan on taking a quarantine-style staycation. A whole day just to myself. That'll show me.