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On the second episode of Warehouse 13, there were two main storylines.

First, Artie faced a possible breach of his facility. With computer screens going blank, the warehouse watchdog tracked the hack to one specific location: the office of Secret Service Director Daniel Dickinson in Washington, DC.

When Artie arrived at the office - and used some sort of ancient camera that freezes people to subdue Dickinson - he was in for a surprise. After freezing Dickinson from his subdued state, and being told that someone else was actually the hacker, these two men sort of bonded. Dickinson allowed Artie to play around on his computer in order to determine the real breach, but only if he could stick around.

Artie reluctantly agreed and, as the episode concluded, pressed a button that was meant to show him the culprit. Instead, it showed him (and the viewers) flashes on an unknown scene. Artie was lying down. A woman appeared to be crying for help. Weird.

Meanwhile, the case Pete and Myka were assigned to had to do with a series of bank robberies in Chicago. The criminals were using some sort of musical device that made everyone in the bank stop, get happy and even notice that they were being robbed.

During the investigation, we learned more about each of the show's main agents: Myka has issues with her dad, as she was often on the phone, telling her family that she would not be attending a party in his honor.

Also, Pete is a major horn dog! He flirted with the secretary of a music company they were investigating, along with the FBI Agent in charge of the case in Chicago. Then again, she was played by Tricia Helfer; so who could blame Pete there?

In the end, the case was solved, as the robbers weren't really after money. Instead, they needed to get enough cash to buy up the music collection of an artist that had gone through a mental breakdown. Led by his daughter and his caretaker, these criminals just wanted to play songs for the man and try to bring him back to life.

As a result, Pete simply grabbed the device they were using - that is the only mission he and Myka were on, after all - and left the scene. Inspired by what she saw, Myka called home and asked to speak to her father.

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Warehouse 13 Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Myka: What is it with men and their balls?
Pete: Yeah.

Leena: How are you sleeping?
Artie: I'm not.
Leena: I could tell. Your aura looks like hell.
Artie: Then stop looking at it.