Dickinson: How they doing?
Artie: Oh, you know, they're... mostly, they're a pain in my ass.
Dickinson: So am I.

Myka: Artie, I need you to find my cell phone.
Artie: I'm not your personal cell phone locator, okay?

Artie: My name... doesn't matter. But I think you know who I represent.
Dickinson: Flash Gordon?

Myka: There's three suspects, including Fissel. One was a woman.
Pete: You sure?
Myka: Yeah, I... felt her.
Pete: You touched her boobies?

Belski: How does someone get invited to your party?
Pete: Oh, well... you don't get invited. You get shoved.

Myka: You know how when you sing in the shower, and it bounces off the tiles, and you sound spectacular.
Artie: No, I never sound spectacular.

Myka: You ever see that movie The Great Santini with the tough dad and the scared kids?
Pete: It's like that, huh?
Myka: Yeah, except it wasn't over in two hours.

Okay, so what are we looking for, Artie? Are we looking for souped-up speakers or Thomas Edison's wax cylinder?


Myka: What has Agent Belski done for you lately?
Pete: Um... she sashays.
Myka: Yeah.
Pete: A little bit.
Myka: No.
Pete: She doesn't even know it.
Myka: Oh, yes, she does. She does.

Belski: Banks just hand over the money. Everyone's shy on the details.
Pete: Which is strange.
Belski: Tell me something I don't know.
Pete: Uh, Mary, Queen of Scots' croquet mallet was made from a petrified narwhal's horn. She never lost a match.

Belski: Then you get exiled off the reservation into my town, humping my leg.
Pete: It's a nice leg.

Myka: What is it with men and their balls?
Pete: Yeah.

Warehouse 13 Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Myka: What is it with men and their balls?
Pete: Yeah.

Leena: How are you sleeping?
Artie: I'm not.
Leena: I could tell. Your aura looks like hell.
Artie: Then stop looking at it.