The Abbies Descend - Wayward Pines
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Jason is being wheeled into the hospital. 

The abbies gather outside the walls. 

Shuttles pick people up to take them to the pods. 

Theo operates on Jason, but he dies on the table. One of the interns questions if Theo let him die on purpose. 

CJ goes over the list with Theo of who will be going to the mountain and who will be left behind. 

Theo hints to Kerry that Jason was her son. The news makes her vomit. 

Lucy is in the group to get saved, but Frank is left behind. Rebecca is on the list, but Xander is not. Rebecca doesn't want to go without him. Xander promises he'll be there when she wakes up. 

Those left behind start causing destruction and looting. 

Theo records a plan to inject himself with a few diseases including the plague and typhoid fever. He then plans to go outside the fence and wipe out the abbies. 

Theo heads back to town and picks up Xander and Frank. Theo saves Arlene too and she plants a kiss on him. 

Kerry chooses to stay behind. She found Theo's recording and injects herself before Theo can do it himself. She tells him the future needs him more than her. 

CJ contemplates terminating the pods. He imagines his wife talking to him and he doesn't do it. 

Kerry walks outside the walls and is immediately attacked. The final shot is of an abbie holding a crying baby. 

Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. You're not only choosing who to bring, but you're choosing who to now leave behind. You will be granting a pardon and a death sentence at the same time.


Jason served this town as best as he knew how. The best way to honor him is by fulfilling his wish to survive.