Theo: It's not saving just one life, it's saving the human race.
CJ: It isn't any different.
Theo: No, it's completely different.

Frank: I wish I was born somewhere else.
Xander: Unfortunately there is no somewhere else.

You've been saving the world all along, Doctor. You just didn't know it.


Kerry: Did he suffer?
Theo: Did you want him to?

For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. You're not only choosing who to bring, but you're choosing who to now leave behind. You will be granting a pardon and a death sentence at the same time.


Jason served this town as best as he knew how. The best way to honor him is by fulfilling his wish to survive.


Sad irony of Wayward Pines. You starve to death or you get eaten alive.


Don't worry, it wasn't either of them. This may be Idaho but we're not that twisted.


If you'd like to form a committee and submit a report in three months, be my guest. We'll all be dead by then.


Defectives. Don't forget the defectives. And I suppose you mean by that the physically disabled, the mentally diminished. I guess in your calculus that's the easiest call to make. Of course, if someone is unwilling or unable to reproduce certainly they're a defective. I mean that's simple right? That's black and white. You can or you can't. Unless of course, that defective is someone you love.


Adam: So what do you say doc, we bag this trophy, have a little victory dance on Main Street?
Theo: She's not a trophy.
Adam: You better hope she is.

Kerry: Why are you with him?
Rebecca: He's strong, he's interesting, he challenges me.
Kerry: I meant Xander.
Rebecca: So did I.

Wayward Pines Quotes

Ethan: I'll walk you over there.
Arnold: Not necessary.
Ethan: No, no I want to.
Arnold: I don't want you to.

Ethan: Where's my phone and the rest of my things?
Nurse Pam: Oh, we don't have anything of yours, but I can certainly put on my Nancy Drew detective hat and check into that for you.