Caitlin Practices - We Are Who We Are
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Caitlin is pursued by Giulia and sets out to change her appearance. 

She cuts parts of her hair off to make a moustache, but realises she wants to cut her hair. 

They rush over to her home and Fraser cuts her hair off for her. 

She goes on a date with Giulia, but the latter realizes she is not male and Caitlin gets a fright. 

When she returns home, she learns that she is grounded for a month, and is in a lot of trouble. 

Fraser goes to the movies and bumps into Jonathan. They find themselves talking about how they got to the compound. 

Jonathan says he is unimpressed with recent events. 

Maggie and Jenny have sex and continue their affair. 

Danny is upset that nobody bothers with him, so he sets out to find himself. 

We Are Who We Are
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We Are Who We Are Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Caitlin: Here's her number. Should I call her?
Fraser: Don't you dare call that number.

I know you're not a boy.