Barmaid: Are you transgender ... FTM?
Caitlin: I don't know.

It's our last day in Italy and you got Domino's pizza?


Barmaid: Five.
Caitlin: I have dollars.
Barmaid: Don't worry about it.

Britney: It's always been you.
Caitlin: I like you as friend.

Sarah: Was it like the other times?
Maggie: It was nothing.

Go back to bed, Fraser.


Sarah: End whatever is going on between you two.
Maggie: It's over.

You should get them moved to somewhere else.


This is terrible for a first date.


He's gay, right?


Richard: I don't have to confiscate your phone, do I?
Caitlin: You don't.

Richard: What do you like about that boy?
Caitlin: He understands me.