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The fifth season of Weeds came to a dramatic conclusion tonight. First, a recap of secondary storylines:

Andy proposes to Audra. Before she can say yes, however, Silas calls and says that Esteban's daughter has overdosed on heroin. The couple rushes over to the house and Nancy ends up helping them send her to rehab in Arizona. Later on, Audra is wearing the engagement ring and seems about to officially accept... when the crazy, abortion-protesting dude shows up at her place with a shotgun. Andy makes a run for it and Audra is left at his mercy.

Meanwhile, Celia quickly discovers that the black cop trailing her last week was just Dean is disguise. How does she make this discovery? Because Doug is a terrible liar.

Free from that concern, Celia wants to be the next Nancy. So she constructs a pot-selling team. It consists of Doug (the books), Dean (legal), Sanjay (sales), Ignacio (supply) and Isabelle (brains). Celia is quite proud of herself. Funny stuff.

Now, for the major focus of the episode and the season in general:

Esteban is back on the ticket with Pilar because she is blackmailing him. Nancy places a call to Guillermo and says she needs him to kill Pilar that day. No problem, he replies.

That night Nancy, Silas and Shane attend a fundraiser at Pilar's house. As Nancy leaves (because Pilar forces her to), Pilar walks out with her. She says that she's impressed Nancy has the guts to hire Guillermo, but it was a bad choice: he works for her. Pilas then threatens to kill Shane and Silas and, as she's describing ways in which this can be done, she gets clocked on the head by a croquet mallet. The culprit? Shane!

The season ends with he and Nancy staring into the pool at a bloodied Pilar, floating face down and very likely dead.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

I know all the best rehab centers. I'm totally addicted to that show Intervention.


If you come anywhere near my children, I'll kill you myself.