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Andy is engaged! Sort of!

A Nancy is heading to the police station to track down Esteban, she's stopped by Andy, who jumps into her limo anbd says he wants to propose to Audra - and he wants to do it with his mother's ring, which Jonah had given Nancy.

Nancy is taken aback by this request and she and Andy proceed to argue vehemently at the station, as Cesar tries to track down Esteban. The pair end up taking a magazine quiz about their definitions of love, and it was very nice to see Nancy finally question how true her feelings for Esteban were. Andy, conversely, seems convinced that his love for Audra is real. After the quiz results are in, and Nancy still seems hesitant to give Andy the ring, he lets her have it...

He says she's selfish; that she's chosen this life for herself and not for her family; that she's looking for her drug lord of a husband and not looking after her kids. It was a powerful, great speech and it clearly affected Nancy.

She would also be affected by the eventual news that Esteban was released four hours ago. When Nancy and Andy return home - and Nancy does give Andy her blessing, after all - they see Esteban on TV. He's giving a speech in Spanish and is back on the ticket with Pilar.

In other storyline news:

- Dean, Doug and Isabelle set up Celia to think that a cop is following her (it's really Dean in black face);

- Silas and Shane save Esteban's daughter, who was passed out from drinking and going heroine, from two of her friends that wanted to have their way with her.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Andy: What is the glue that holds your relationship together?
Nancy: I don't even need the choices on this one. I'm gonna say Elmer's.

Don't tell anyone I was noble.