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This episode of Weeds opened with a funny few minutes: Shane was taken away from the scene of last week's shooting in Esteban's limo. But Cesar helps to fix him because, apparently, he used to be a nurse.

This is a fact he's ashamed of and later tells Shane not to reveal. In fact, everyone has different, separate messages for Shane: Nancy is sorry, Esteban says he'll protect him, Silas wonders why Shane won't take his pain pills.

In response to the last question, it's clear that Shane has lost it. He tells his brother that he enjoys the pain and looks to be a major haze. As a result, Silas turns down his mother's offer to head to Europe for a few weeks.

Why does Nancy make that offer? Because she's convinced Esteban to run for Governor and it will be easier if there are fewer Botwins around.

Nancy also realizes that Cesar helped set her family up. He had been giving information to Pilar, only to decide at the last minute that he'd be devastated if Nancy were killed because it would make Esteban unhappy (gay implication here, for sure). As revenge, Nancy shoots Esteban in the arm, the same spot where Shane was hit.

She then marries Esteban in a very small ceremony, as they're determined to fight back against Pilar. But this isn't enough for Nancy. The episode ends with her visiting Guillermo in jail and telling him she wants him to kill Pilar.

In other storyline news: Celia cuts Dean out of the marijuana business. Therefore, he and Doug decide to team up and get her back - only after the pair is even, of course. Dean must dunk his testicles in a mug of hot coffee.

Also, in the episode's most moving scene: Andy puts Esteban's name on the birth certificate and effectively says goodbye to Nancy. He's moving back to their home in California.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Nancy: I think I'm happy for you.
Andy: I think I'm happy for you, too.

Silas: Silas: I get it. If I get shot in my jerk-off arm, I would be mad too.