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In the main storyline of tonight's Weeds episode, Andy takes full responsibility for Nancy's son. He and Nancy fully, and hlariously, embrace the role of parents, even sharing a bed (with a pillow wall in between).

Andy gets up for feedings, warms up breast milk and is doing the best he can. His parenting skills are soon put to the test even more when the two girls Shane slept with last season come over and say it burns when they pee. Uh-oh.

Nancy and Andy take Shane to the doctor and he's somehow diagnosed with a yeast infection.

At dinner that night - with the baby in the hands of LaPida, who made a triumphant return earlier - the pair enjoy time away from the kids. But Nancy soon must excuse herself because her breasts are sore. When the breast pump fails to work in the bathoom, a troubling, funny scene ensues: Nancy calls in Andy to suck the milk out like a baby. Yes, this really happened.

Meanwhile, Celia is moving into her own condo. How? Because her and Dean successfully used marijuana to sell her beauty products. This, of course, involves Dean lying to Doug and Silas about their pot (which he rescued from the cops) getting ripped off by "black people."

At the end of the episode, Andy and Nancy's happy world takes a hit: Esteban comes over, pulls Nancy outside and says he'll marry her now. He's had a change of heart. He loves her, not his political career. As he says this, a man comes up outside the house and draws a gun. He fires. It misses Esteban.

But the bullet hits Shane. He's bleeding a lot as the camera fades to black.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Nancy: Why is the bed moving?
Andy: There must be an earthquake.
Nancy: Are you jerking off?!?

Be the baby!

Nancy [asking Andy to suck her nipple]