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Silas, Nancy, and Andy all get jobs at a hotel.  Back at the paradise motel, Silas brings back past resentments and Nancy has the ability to spin them to make it seem that the situation they’re in would happen regardless of her bad parenting.

Everyone’s first day goes terribly.  Nancy has her hands full of crap, literally. While Shane gets propositioned by a creepy man, meanwhile Andy gets yelled at for not doing his job.

After work, the three of them meet up with the piano player outside. He tells them that the guy supplied them weed got fired. This sparks an idea in Nancy’s head.

Meanwhile, Shane is stuck babysitting his brother while the rest of the family is at work. He wants to get a better stroller, but the good ones are really expensive, so he hawks one.

Nancy heads to the local medicinal marijuana facility and tries to get a list for growers. The desk lady barter’s her shoes for a growers name.

Nancy heads to the growers who don’t play games and sell in large quantities. Nancy buys a bag full of trimmings for one hundred bucks  and her new profession blossoms - they will be selling has.

Doug stops by the Botwin house and finds himself in a terrible predicament - Esteban’s goones are there to catch him.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Silas: What if you would've gotten a real job after dad died and we could've skipped all this shit.
Nancy: We would've had to sell the house. Move to a very different zip code. You and Shane would've had to go to even lousier public schools.
Silas: That doesn't sound so bad.

The normal Newmans' for normal town.