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Cesar is in the hospital being interrogated by the police.  Meanwhile, Nancy and crew are on the move and as much as they are following Andy’s off the grid moves, Nancy really wants to go to the rodeo because there’s a roller coaster.

They agree to go for only a couple hours.  At the carnival, there’s a butter contest that Silas and Andy sign up for to win a Winnebago. What they don’t realize is that they have to eat the butter, not sculpt them.

Nancy tries to talk to Shane about being respectful when a man cuts in front of them causing a huge fight to break out with the angry men that he was behind.

Silas tells Andy that he wants to go to college and do things right.  They head to the contest and start chowing down on the butter sculptures. Silas ends up winning the contest, but they can’t collect it because of SSN and Tax ID info needed.

Doug is in charge of watching Stevie and brings him to the most ridiculous places never feeding him baby food, but hopping him up on sugar.

Andy is mad at Nancy for taking away his authority right when she gives it to him. They see the butter contest guy drive the Winnebago away.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm the guru of off the grid.


Andy: Say it.
Nancy: Seattle was a bust.