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Nancy is trying to deal with the craziness that is surrounding her. Sean gets kidnapped and Cesar wants to do a switch - son for son.

Nancy calls Esteban and leaves a message that she wants to call the whole thing off and that she’s sorry for not answering the phone.

Nancy meets with Cesar and shoots him with the crossbow before he can shoot at her.  

Shane and Doug are eating lunch with Ignacio while Silas and Andy are waiting it out to meet with Nancy at the same restaurant.  Andy and Silas go in and try to save them, when Ignacio puts a gun to them to sit down.

Nancy sits down with them and puts a gun to Ignacio. Her hands are shaking and he knows she won’t shoot him. Shane takes the gun and tells him that he will. Ignacio knows that he would, so he lets them go.

The episode ends with Nancy calling Esteban and leaving him a message letting him know that Cesar is alive and he should have never messed with the mama lion and her baby cubs. The whole gang including Doug are on their way to another place.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Can you just breathe on me so that I can smell some food.


Nancy: I want to speak to Sean again.
Cesar: No, time to listen.