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On a busy episode of Weeds...

- Nancy got a job at Doug's law firm, and also flirted with the CEO. But he got mad at her when she outed the building's drug dealer, unaware that she did it so she could take over his business.

- Silas gave away numerous samples of the family's pot for free, but it worked because the customers placed orders for more. But there's a problem with the supply, considering the location where the marijuana came from in Afghanistan was blown up. Nancy will have to wait a month, which means Jill will need to pay for Stevie's new school, which is sad and awkward for her.

- Shane, meanwhile, decorated the apartment with the money he claimed was for school loans.

- Andy got involved with a woman, the artist from Silas' show, who has a husband. He has cancer and he's cool with Andy doing his wife.

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Weeds Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

You guys fuck. I'll make eggs.


Why is your apartment weird and full of danger?