Meeting Up Again - Welcome to Chippendales Season 1 Episode 8
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Five years after Nick's death, Ray is in London, keeping tabs on another male revue called Adonis. Later, he meets up with Steve in Switzerland, who expresses concerns about being followed.

After the restaurant they're at shuts downs, Ray convinces Steve to come back to his hotel room. There he recounts his failed mission to kill three Adonis dancers per Steve's request. But before he can get Steve to agree to the terms again, Steve becomes paranoid after Ray receives a call in his room and attempt to leave.

Ray gets Steve to stay, and the two reminisce, but unbeknownst to Steve, the FBI is listening to them in the room next door.

Two months earlier, it's revealed that the man who killed Nick is arrested on drug charges, and he gives up Ray. Ray is then interrogated y the FBI, and they travel to Switzerland to catch Steve on tape ordering the Adonis hit.

Ray continues to talk with Steve about the past and eventually gets him to admit to ordering the Adonis hit and Nick's murder. He is then arrested.

Steve discovers he's being charged under the RICO act and that Irene will not get control of the company.

The ghost of Nick visits Steve. And hours before his sentencing, Steve takes his life in prison.

Without the sentencing, the government could not seize his assets, and Irene inherited everything, including Chippendales.

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Welcome to Chippendales Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

So, I guess the million-dollar question is, do you still want me to go through with it?

Ray [to Steve]

Steve: I think someone is following me.
Ray: Who?
Steve: I don't know.