Ray: But don't you ever get lonely?
Steve: Lonely?
Ray: Back then, it was all of us. Now...
Steve: Hm, that's what makes it even more impressive. The fact that I'm doing it all by myself.

So, I guess the million-dollar question is, do you still want me to go through with it?

Ray [to Steve]

Steve: Please go. Just go.
Nick: I'm already gone.

Steve: Can you get anything right?
Ray: I'm trying here!
Steve: You failed!

Steve: I think someone is following me.
Ray: Who?
Steve: I don't know.

Nick: Denise, can you just be happy for me?
Denise: No.
Nick: Denise-
Denise: Fuck you very much.

Scott: We'll just keep digging, and then hopefully, something turns up.
FBI Agent: And if not?
Scott: Then he gets away with murder.

Irene: It's over, Steve.
Steve: What's over?
Irene: The club. Chippendales, Los Angeles. It's over.

Bradford: I fucking love Cleveland!
Nick: This is Cincinnati.
Bradford: What's the difference?

Steve: I am capable, Irene.
Irene: Of course you are. I know you are.
Steve: Trust me, I've got this.

Steve: You are a bully.
Nick: Are you serious?

Irene: Steve, there are two types of people in this world. There are good people, and there are bad people. And we are good people. You are a good person. We don’t do things like this. Do you hear me?
Steve: I’m sorry.
Irene: For what? Say it.
Steve: I should have told you.

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Steve [to Paul]. The backgammon. It's not working.

Paul: Guy wants to give me a fourth of his club right here on the street.
Steve: Please?