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Maeve takes a new client and wants convinces him to strange her so she can get back into the room with the engineer and chat with him.

Elsie and Bernard are trying to figure out what's going on with the implants. The older system is still there, but can only be accessed by specific types. Bernard has to go downstairs. So he does.

The basement is full of old drawings, robots, computers that look like computers and the like. He has taken his new computer and logs logs into the old system, meshing the two.

I'll be damned if Westworld doesn't look a bit like an entire world. He discovers there are five additional anomalies detected. Hosts that are not registered with the new system. 

Out in the town where The Man in Black killed Lawrence's wife, Ford appears with a group of men. They were making plans to create a canyon. It was to include erasing that town, but he decided there was enough disruption for one day. He notices a maze carved on a table and goes back to his office, opening a book in which was drawn the maze.

The Man and Teddy are out on the hunt for the maze. 

Felix tries to explain what's going on with Maeve, even that she's capable of far more than he is. But when he shows her the words are all programmed, and they show up on a screen before her, there is a conflict, and she stops. She's broken.

Bernard goes to talk to Theresa about something, but she shuts him down with word that Ford knows about them and they have to break up. He gets nothing about that he came to say and she just shows him out.

Maeve finally comes to. She wants to see upstairs. He takes her. They walk past the various processes including filling a body with blood, watching hosts learning their various roles, from playing poker, to women kissing, and more. She sees the Westworld, and her dreams, playing out in front of her. She doesn't understand how they have them.

Felix tells her she has only been at the brothel for a little over a year. They reassign them all the time. She's shocked. Felix isn't realizing the enormity of what she's saying; that she remembers and dreams of her other lives.

Sylvester walks in and says he will turn in Felix. Maeve has a different idea. She scares the living shit out of Sylvester.

Bernard finds the five hosts in Sector 117. Ford is there with them. It was a gift from Arnold, Fords family from his greatest memory on a seaside holiday. Ford maintains them personally and won't give them up.

When Bernard returns, he looks into the number of first generation hosts still around and operational.

We also discover the woman Lee was messing with poolside is the visiting board member.

Elsie realizes someone in Sector 3 is broadcasting to the hosts from an abandoned theater and that's why they're hearing voices. She's off to find out who it might be. 

At the same time, little Robert meets up with Ford in the woods. Ford wanted to play catch with his dog. Robert shows him the dog, laying dead by a tree.

Elsie is poking around in the theater. 

Bernard goes to tell Theresa what he thinks about Ford and how he's worried about him and expecting trouble. Elsie calls. He ignores it. She persists. He answers. It was Theresa who was manipulating their data.

Maeve wants her personality changed. She's not taking no for an answer.

The best Elsie can tell, it was Arnold that was making all the changes to the data. Bernard protests. Arnold's dead. Elsie said he's a pretty prolific coder for a dead guy.]

Ford is asking Robert questions. Robert admits he's lying. Arnold in his head told him to lie. He said the dog was born that way so if Robert put him out of his misery, it would be better.

Someone pulls Elsie from behind.

Someone else has been manipulating Maeve's attributes. Sylvester freaks out. Maeve tells him to get over it and do what she says. She wants her pain and loyalty thresholds lowered and her ability to read people all the way to the top.

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Felix: I can't exactly afford to go to the park, but yeah. I'm human, like the guests.
Maeve: How do you know?
Felix: I was born. You were made.

Felix: Everything you do, it's because the engineers upstairs programmed you to do it.
Maeve: Nobody tells me what do to, sweetheart.
Felix: Yeah, but it's part of your character. You're hard to get.