Critical Mistakes - Westworld
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Bernard is dreaming about his son. He's reading to him. His son, Charlie, is in a hospital, dying.

Bernard wakes up, looks at a photo of his son.

At work, Bernard is talking to Hector. He had a conversation consisted of blacklisted dialog. Words like car and carryon.

William and Lawrence are playing cards on the train while Dolores stands around.

Bernard is looking for Elsie, but is unable to find her.

Theresa and Bernard have words about their departments.

She goes to see the board member and discovers why Hector had a special call when the gal opens the door butt naked. She's actively fucking him. The woman isn't pleased with a lot of things. The stray bashing his own head in, Ford using half the park's resources for a new narrative. The people mean nothing. Thirty five years worth of raw information exists here. Ford made sure the code was never allowed off of the property. Charlotte likes Theresa for the job, but requires a blood sacrifice. Theresa flinches. No, someone entirely unexpected.

Maeve and Clementine are talking when the park turns off. They grab Clementine. She must have done something terrible if they're making them grab her in broad daylight. Maeve is no longer susceptible to being turned off when required.

William used to live in books, and now that he's inside of a story, he just wants to know what it means. Dolores doesn't want to be in a story. She wants to be in the moment.

William tells Dolores about Juliette and his impending marriage.

He wonders how he can go back to pretending when he knows what this feels like.

Theresa and Charlotte call Ford and Bernard to a room. It's about the reveries. During their code review, they found something quite disturbing. Clementine was sent back to her prior build. A guy punches the crap out of Clementine and she begs the people in the room for help. They turn her off in the middle of her pleas.

Her tech, is in fact, a host. One who has been programmed for this demonstration. When the tech makes a move toward Clementine, she kicks his ass. It's awesome and the kind of Westworld that would make me want to visit.

Hilariously, Stubbs goes into the room and is afraid of her. He says freeze all motor functions and all that but she doesn't, going toward him. He kills her.

Charlotte throws it all at Bernard while Charlotte looks on. It's all his fault. Ford can't even move, only the slightest change in emotion on his face. Bernard leaves the room.

William is finally understanding Westworld.

Their train is stopped by the Confederalos.

Maeve goes looking for Clementine, and finds her friend just as she's ready to undergo her lobotomy. She cries as she watches.

Bernard talks to Theresa, expressing his concerns about the hosts, their memories and the likelihood they are about to undergo a great change.

Maeve wants out of Westworld. Very simple. She's dies millions of times. They haven't the experience she has. And if they don't help her, she'll kill them.

Bernard takes Theresa to Ford's family house. There is equipment in the basement. It's where Ford works. He makes hosts. There are drawings.

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Theresa: What is this Bernard?
Bernard: It doesn't look like anything to me.
Ford: They cannot see the things that will hurt them. I spare them that. Their lives are blissful. They are free from the burdens of self doubt.

But the gods. They require a blood sacrifice. We need to demonstrate just how dangerous Ford's creations can be.