Hysteria - Westworld
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Bernard is talking to Dolores. He brought her a gift. He used to read it to his son at night and thought she might enjoy it. The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. They've been reading books about change. She wonders about Bernard's son. He wonders why she asked. Because it's been a while since she asked a personal question.

At home, she opens a drawer and finds the gun she put into the drawer. She takes it out, looks at it and puts it back. She looks into the mirror and hears her father's voice, "Do you remember?" She remembers the Man in Black terrorizing her. She looks back into the drawer and the gun is gone.

William is strolling around the main part of town. He takes a look at the Wanted posters and gets into the middle of a shootout when one of the bad guys breaks free and takes Clementine hostage. William isn't a fast draw and gets shot, but he does shoot Boris and save Clementine.

One of the townsfolk says he's riding out tonight, looking for desperado. He could use a dude like William. Logan comes waltzing up, grabbing his crotch.

Theresa is freaked out because Ford has taken a large portion of the park for his new storyline.

Elsie and Stubbs go off in search of a stray.

Teddy is hosting a woman guest in her quest to take down some men. He spots Dolores and they head off on their normal routine, but she is off story. He talks about a place he knows where they can wipe the past clean off of you. He says someday he'll take her. She notices he says someday, which is usually what people say when they mean never. Not now, today or tomorrow. He continues on his someday, but it's not what she wants anymore.

They get home. The shooting. Always the shooting. The cattle roaming.

Behind the scenes, they're making eyeballs. Ford is talking to Teddy, who has died at least 1,000 times. It's never dulled his courage. They never bothered to give Teddy a backstory. Just guilt for which he could never atone. Ford is going to give him a backstory as part of his new narrative.

Now that Teddy has a new view on life, he tries to teach Dolores how to shoot. She doesn't understand why she can't.

Teddy rides off in search of Wyatt. The people he takes with him think it's really scary and more than they signed on for. They should have taken the riverboat ride instead.

Elsie and Stubbs continue to track the stray. They find hosts who have been in a loop because he got lost. Things don't seem right.

Bernard shares with Ford that the hosts who are messing up have been talking to the same imaginary person named Arnold. Ford's original business partner for 30 years, no guests no board members, was Arnold.

The hosts began passing the Turing test after the first year. That wasn't enough for Arnold. He wanted to create consciousness. His quest to do so overwhelmed him. However he died, they called it an accident, but Ford believes it was otherwise. Ford reminds Bernard the hosts are not real, are not conscious. The death of his son still weighs heavily on him.

Bernard's wife is Gina Torres. It still feels unreal to her. For Bernard, he wakes up forgetting where or when he is and he reaches over, expecting to find Charlie there between him and her. His pain is all that he has left of Charlie.

Elsie goes to take a pee and finds the stray stuck down in a crevasse.

On Teddy's trip, masked people come out and start killing. The woman with him is freaking out.

Elsie calls Bernard. She believes the stray got to where he was because he had an idea. What if he's like the others?

Bernard needs to decide what to do with Dolores. He wants her help. Should he restore her to the way she was before. She wonders if there is something wrong with her. He asks her to lose all scripted responses. He asks her which she'd rather be...a version who feels and asks questions or one who is safe.

She goes home to her regular story, but there is no man with her. She's dragged to the barn and when she gets there, she realizes she has the dude's gun. She tries to shoot him, but can't. Until she sees The Man in Black. She kills the guy, goes to the house. She sees her mom die and imagines getting shot. She's remembering past stories. She rides off unharmed.

At the crevasse, Stubbs is sawing the guy's head off and he gets out, heading for Elsie who cannot put him asleep. When he gets topside, he smashes his own head in with a rock.

William and Logan are under the stars, sitting by a fire, when they hear some crackling. It's Dolores. She falls into William's arms.

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

William: She was terrified.
Logan: That's why they exist! So you can feel...THIS.

I guess people want to read about the things they want the most and experience the least.