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A train is arriving at the station. Not the old station, but the new and modern one, that supports Westword, and one would imagine, all of the other worlds if they decide to create them. It looks like future world upon first glance.

Logan and William are friends. Logan has been there before. He's hedonistic and a basic shit. William wonders if there is an orientation. William worries about most people, and robes and changing behind a curtain. He's a good man. Westworld probably isn't the best prospect for Westworld, and no doubt, his friend Logan knows that. He isn't drawn to his host, although she tries to get him.

Elsie is pondering how Peter Abernathy broke. Every other host was effected immediately, but Peter made it all the way home, almost like he was mulling it over.

When Maeve makes a cruel comment to Dolores, Dolores looks down her nose at Maeve and tells her, "These violent delights have violent ends." She had just heard her father's voice in her head. She hasn't forgotten him.

William picked a white hat, opened a door and through it all was changed. He was on a speeding western train. His friend, of course, was the quintessential bad-guy gentleman. Black all the way. He tells William he has no idea what's in store. He's about to be seduced because Westworld seduces everybody with the question of who they really are.

The Man in Black rides up to a little hanging scene. He kills everyone and saves the dude, Lawrence. He's apparently done it many times before. TMIB hands him the other dude's skull. It's the maze, he says, and he's gonna help him find the entrance.

Maeve is talking to a brothel customer about her dreams. Her story is punctuated by a terrifying memory. "This is the new world, and in this world, you can be whoever the fuck you want." She wasn't though. She was dragged by her hair on a prairie. A memory. Back in the command room, she's called a hooker and treated like a machine, even though we can see she's in pain.

Bernard and Dr. Ford talk a little about what they do. God and the devil, practicing witchcraft, burning at the stake. It's obvious again they see things slightly different.

William bumps into someone in town, apologizes. Logan is annoyed. Fuck you, Grizzly Adams!! William is embarrassed.

William thinks the place is big, and Logan laughs him off. When a guy is tossed off the back of a passing carriage, William helps him up. Logan says it's all a come on and they'll try to sell him something.

Bernard has been talking with Dolores. He doesn't want her to share that with anyone. She wonders if she's done something wrong.

Maeve is still trying out her line. The female guest didn't think much of it. Clementine is having bad dreams, too. Maeve gives her some pointers, but she starts to feel something strange in her abdomen and it brings up her memory, this time she's holding a girl's hand. Her strange behavior has her marked for recall.

Cullen is worried after a talk from corporate. Bernard tells her all is well. Good, she doesn't want to distract the guests from their rape and pillage.

When the old man comes up to offer William the oppty of a lifetime, Logan stabs him in the hand. The old man cries out as realistically as any other, and William is disgusted.

Back at the hotel, Logan has three women and a man on the bed with him when Clementine says William's friend seems to be having fun. William says that's not a term he'd use, friend. He has someone real at home, and doesn't want to have meaningless sex with her.

At the compound, Lee is smacking the shit out of a new Indian that was created. Nice way to start his life.

Dr. Ford goes out into the desert and meets a young boy. They take a walk together. I think the boy is a host, and a miniature version of Ford himself. Could they really have dads who both say only boring people get bored?

TMIB has taken Lawrence to his home. There, TMIB cannot believe he never knew Lawrence had a family. He babbles on about the maze, gives Lawrence's daughter a bullet and gets angry at the bartender for taking too long and calling in the reserves. He shoots him.

At command, the guys are saying he took out an entire posse, but he gets whatever he wants. Lawrence's cousins come and the man makes short order of them. A whole lotta cleanup needed in this tiny town. Ya gotta wonder why he finds it so fun when nothing can happen to him. Where's the sport? After he takes out a couple more, he gathers the bullet from the girl and kills her mother.

He makes her dance while she's crying and shoots her in the head. He thinks the hosts are at their most real when they are suffering. The little girl, however, lets him down in that way. She's not crying and tells him the maze is not for him. She gives him directions though. Lawrence tells him to go home now. No, this time, he's never going back.

Ford is still in the desert. He sees something in the sand, a tower, and tells the boy, who is him, to run along and not come back.

Bernard is at home. He lives inside the park. Theresa knocks. The're involved. Well, at least she has good taste. They have sex and she gets ready to leave. He wants to talk. She says they never talk. He's serious. So is she.

Elsie nixes the idea of decomissioning Maeve. She thinks she has some physical discomfort so she needs a full physical as soon as possible. They talk about whether or not they have dreams, not because memories. Duh. They give them the concept of nightmares, though, in case they ever forget to wipe them downstairs. That's fucked up.

Maeve and Teddy are chatting and toasting when he's shot about eight times. A guest screams, "Now that's a fuckin' vacation!!" I'm embarrassed.

In bed, Maeve remembers having her hair brushed by her little girl when Indians come through. She's grabbed by her hair, almost scalped. There are arrows, axes, scalpings, killings. She's running, screaming for her girl. They run off with an Indian coming after them. She checks the shotgun, finds shells and they hunker down in the house. The door opens and it's The Man in Black. She shoots and hits him square in the chest. Nothing happens. He approaches with his knife. She's counting back from three, just like she told Clementine.

She wakes up on the operating table. Two assholes found a bullet in her abdomen they never took out. It doesn't look any different than a human operation and she's naked, slipping around in her own blood. She picks up a scalpel to protect herself. They play the "Maeve" game. She runs out into the hallway while they must be standing around playing with their earlobes.

She sees a world she has never seen before, full of glass and escalators. It's like an episode of the X-Files. She stumbles into a building where the "cleaned up" bodies are piled like trash and are being hosed off. Inside is Teddy, shot, dead.

Dolores has just opened her eyes. Out in the yard she finds a gun buried in the dirt.

Lee's new storyline is a bunch of garbage. Just a horror movie with cannibalism and mayhem.

Ford just says no. The guests don't come back because because something smacks them in the face. They come back because they want a hint of who they could be. The only thing this new story tells Ford is who Sizemore is.

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

William: So how does this work? Is there an orientation?
Host: No orientation. No guidebook. Figuring things out is half the fun. All you do is make choices.

Host: Do you often experience social anxiety?
William: What is this for exactly?
Host: So we don't give you anything more than you can handle.
William: I thought you couldn't get hurt here.