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Elizabeth enters the FBI agency with her distraught friend, Dana, whose husband just got back from Iraq. He is wanted for stealing gold coins in Iraq. Before the police take him in, he informs Peter and Neal that he knows that a man named Patrick Ames framed him.

While brainstorming, Neal realizes that all the fingerprints are of the left hand only, that Dana’s husband must have been drinking with someone and they swiped his prints. Peter goes home to question Dana about if her husband went to a bar or something with anyone recently. She tells Peter that he did go out for drinks with a woman reporter.

The next day Peter and Neal go to the station to question Alicia, the reporter. As Peter patiently waits for her to meet with him, Neal uses his wits and charm to get in and follow her. He sees her put something in a desk and lock it before going in to meet with Peter. Neal picks the lock and makes a copy of the evidence.  It is a receipt for a sale at a local pawn shop.

Neal sends Mozzie to investigate the pawn shop. Mozzie comes back with a Iraqi gold coin. They now know that Alicia is involved with the stolen coins. Neal decides to go in and confront Alicia of her involvement on air. She surrenders and tells them that she was involved, but Patrick Ames now has the gold coins and artifacts.

In order to get Patrick, they have Alicia set up a fake meeting with a wealthy billionaire (Neal) who wants to purchase the coins. All is smooth sailing, until Alicia’s nerves give it away. Patrick goes to flea the scene, but Mozzie hits him with his car. The crook is caught.

Peter finally gets to go home to Elizabeth and this time he brings with him Dana’s husband. All is well again.

Neal still does not know what the clue on the bottle means. He knows Kate loves her classics and realizes that the X on the bottle is a sign for “X marks the spot”.  He is getting closer to figuring out what she wants to tell him.

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White Collar Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Easy there tiger, don't you have to go home to Elizabeth?


I've never framed anyone - only been framed.