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June’s granddaughter Samantha was taken off the donor’s list last week and it in need of a transplant. Neal meets with her in the park and she tells him about this charity organization called Hearts Wide Open. For a large donation of $100,000 or more, they are able to provide donor’s on demand. There is something fishy about this organization and Neal wants to look more into it.

June sets up a meeting with the Hearts Wide Open contact person Melissa.  Neal notices that she leaves her briefcase in her car on her way up. He tells Mozzie to dazzle her with charm and questions while he goes to see what information he can find out.

Just as Neal is about to break into the car, he spies a police officer walking towards him. He tells the office that he is a judicial lawyer who is running late to a court hearing. The office believes him and with the help of a few of his police buddies, they get Neal into the car.  He is able to write down information about a tennis event the organization is throwing before Melissa gets back to her car.

Back at the headquarters Neal fills Peter in on what he has been up to (without the illegal parts).  Peter tells him that Neal may have found them a case, but shouldn’t go in on things alone, to let Peter be the initial contact and always the back-up.

They go to the event and since they are not on the list are about to be turned down.  Neal spies Melissa and tries to woo her by saying he knows of her as he is a doctor from DGI. He gets shot down, but something about Peter turns her on. He also says he is a chiropractor from DGI. She lets them in and Peter and Neal go separate ways.

Neal goes to chat it up with Wayne – the main doctor from Hearts Wide Open. Peter and Melissa go grab a drink. She then brings him to a set up for the athletes to get messages. Things get a little touchy and Melissa invites him to go check out their clinic.

The next day, Elizabeth finds Melissa’s card inside Peter’s jacket. She finds it hysterical that her husband had to flirt with a woman.

Neal and Mozzie devise their own plan to find more information about Hearts Wide Open. They sneak into the clinic by pretending to be an insane patient (Mozzie) and his doctor (Neal). Neal ends up getting caught faxing something to Peter by the video surveillance and gets injected with some sort or drug to keep him calm.
Meanwhile, back at home Peter gets half the fax. He realizes besides his warning, Neal went at it alone and is now in trouble. Peter has to get into the clinic so he calls Melissa to see if he could meet her there. Elizabeth coaches Peter on what to say to Melissa to get him into the clinic. Melissa lets it slip about Peter having magic hands.  Elizabeth is obviously not pleased.

Peter shows up early at the clinic and calls out to Melissa. She lets him slip by her when she gets a call from her boss. He tells Melissa to not talk to anyone.

Peter finds Neal all drugged up and they have a moment when Neal tells him that the only person he trusts is Peter. Peter then goes and steals the video surveillance tape so Neal won’t go to jail.  They escape.

Back at home they set up a plot to trap the doctor. Knowing that he is in need of a perfect match, they give him a couple of the signals that points to renal failure - weight loss, skin irritations, and blood in the urine.  Then Neal calls and says he had an exact match. 

They make it look like the doctor was flown to India and in the process had complete renal failure. He ends up giving them the information of almost $30 million he has stolen illegally through his organization. They end up arresting him and taking him to jail.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Mozzie: A New Yorker that doesn't take the subway is a New Yorker you can't trust.
Neal: I don't take the subway.
Mozzie: Exactly.

Elizabeth: You want a bowl?
Neal: Thank you, Manners.