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Joseph Hayes dropped dead and the guys are involved in solving the case. Wesley Kent is the founder and CEO of the company Hayes worked for and the lead suspect.

Peter goes in as an auditor to gain more information on Wesley at his company and is blown away at the five star treatment he gets.

Mozzie and Diana are unhappy that they get partnered up to work together on finding out why Kate called Fowler before the plane blew up.

Peter sends Neal in as a spy to hang around the employees. They set up the other employees up to believe that Peter has files on them too. Neal catches Jessica snooping around Peter’s office.

Later that day, Neal realizes that Jessica is tailing him - she confronts him with a gun and tells him that all she wants to find out is who killed Hayes as well.

Peter and Neal are able to sneak in and find more evidence on Wesley killing Hayes. They have Jessica go in as a pawn pretending that she knows information.

Later Peter and Wesley toast to a perfect audit and Neal puts together that Jessica poisoned the brandy.  Peter gets Wesley to admit that he killed Hayes. Neal rushes in and is able to save both their lives while Peter arrests Wesley for admitting that he murdered Hayes.

That night, Peter admits that he has the music box and shows Neal that a key is missing. Neal takes out the key and opens the box.

White Collar
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Peter: If you could just show me where to set up.
Wesley: I'm sorry.
Peter: My office - where is it?
Wesley: Peter - this is your office.

I look good.