Million Dollar Man
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On this edition of Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon announced Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase as the guest host/weekly GM.

He comes to the ring to start the show, and is joined by Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes to the ring. DiBiase Sr. puts Rhodes in a match with Mark Henry and puts DiBiase Jr. in a match with Randy Orton.

- Edge and Chris Jericho defeat Primo and Carlito. After the match, Carlito takes Primo and throws him into the ring post.

- Mark Henry defeats Cody Rhodes. (Who wants to see Henry back on their TV screens again?!?)

- Evan Bourne defeats Kofi Kingston. After the match, The Big Show comes in and clobbers both of them.

- Randy Orton defeats Ted DiBiase with the RKO.

- Mickie James and Gail Kim defeat Alicia Fox and Maryse.

- John Cena and Triple H fight to a Double DQ after all of Legacy interfere.

The Million Dollar Man announces a Triple Threat for Night of Champions with Orton, Cena, and Triple H.

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