A Direct Hit - Yellowstone
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A plane flies over the cattle in the darkness delivering bales of food the cows run to and eat excitedly.

Kayce asks Rip about Jimmy and Walker. He wants to know what it's like to work them. 

As they argue, Jimmy spots a cow acting strangely. It's bloat. Rip pierces his abdomen and saves the animal, but what they see next shocks them to their core.

The entire field is littered with dead cattle.

John and Lynelle meet with Cassidy Reed. Beth and Jamie are there, as well. Cassidy had no opponents, so she's the new AG. Beth niggles at Jamie. Jamie gets a call, and John is annoyed that he interrupts.

Everyone goes to the pasture to see the poor, dead cows. John rallies the troops. It's a crime scene. Livestock Agents need to get there immediately.

Rainwater and Dan are at the groundbreaking for the casino. Dan finally discovers Rainwater's purpose with the land and how Dan is involved. The Native Americans think it's justice while the lackey calls it the opposite of being an Indian giver. They're in a lot of trouble when others get wind of Dan's compliance.

The fellow who disagreed with Rainwater on Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 1 gives an interview to the press with his stance. Rainwater is doing what is good for him over what's best for their people.

The Beck brothers watch the news while shaking their heads. They thought they were pretty fuckin' clear with Jenkins and need a less-subtle way to express their displeasure. They baited a trap, now they need to spring it.

John needs Sheriff Don to deputize his men. Kayce, to be exact. The two men argue over the merits of who should get deputized and why. John points out the guy wouldn't be sheriff without his support. 

The sheriff warns that even if Kayce is trained to use his gun, he'd better not ever pull it. John warns that Dispatch better give Kayce the backup he needs when he calls.

John tells his sons they all know who did this, and when they get the evidence, they need to drag him by the hair back to John.

Dan's guy wants a new agreement with Rainwater. Dan knows that's fruitless.

Jamie finds out Beth put the ranch into a trust. He's very unhappy. Kayce had no idea what he was signing. My fuckin' family, man.

Jamie gets a call from Sarah just as Beth walks into the room. She has no confidence in Jamie and lists the reasons why. He wants to know how much of an investment the ranch has placed in her activities. Five million. She doesn't think there's a risk. She insults the size of his balls as looking like quail eggs and says if he was so smart, he'd have ensured his father wasn't chasing his dad for cash every fall.

But it's over half the ranch's cash. They argue to the point that Beth thinks he's going to try to pit himself against Beth to earn John's trust again.

Jimmy's thug friends beat the shit out of an old man.

Bales of alfalfa were dropped all down the valley. At least another 350 head are dead. The alfalfa will get into the clover and it won't be good anymore. They need to move the cattle. It's a rough trail, but they don't have a choice. They'll need to burn the pasture.

The wranglers can't even take horses into the field because of the danger to them. While they're readying to burn the pasture, Jimmy's grandfather shows up. He wants to know how much Jimmy owes. If he doesn't pay, the guys will be back.

Monica is telling her students about ocean water. It's a mixture of lysol and water that Indians drink to escape their pain since alcohol is banned. It's a temporary relief with painful repurcussions. She wants her students to investigate the past to understand the present.

At the same time, the Beck brothers arrive, and Rip goes into attack mode. John rides in to save the day, and Jamie notes they just called, but he didn't have time to tell them.

John is taking the meeting alone. And while that doesn't mean Rip, it definitely means Jamie. The Becks expect the ranches are going to go by the wayside when the hotel opens, and then a ski resort opens, and then it becomes a mecca for second homes.

John doesn't need partners. The Becks say to think of them as allies. But John still isn't interested. And if what he does benefits them in any way, it's a coincidence. Rip laughs at Malcolm. It's not the way you wear one of those, he says of Malcolm's bolo tie.

Jamie warns John that working with the Becks is a deal with the devil, but John respects that they're outwardly evil and not hiding their intentions.

Monica's therapist monitered her class. He warns if she shows the class only tragedy, they'll think the Native Americans are tragic. She needs to show them the culture, what they're fighting for. They're getting ready for the relay races. That would be a perfect way to show them what they're all about.

She shirks her rehab session, fiddling with her wedding ring. Girl's having thoughts.

Ryan and John talk about the plane and the skydivers. They'll never find him this way. He's smarter than that. Monica calls and relationship drama.

While the Duttons meet with Cassidy to get an injunction against the casino, Beth interrupts with a garbage move. They invite Cassidy to dinner, and Beth won't let her sit in Kayce's seat, but she practically pushes her into Jamie's seat then pulling Jamie next to her so she could mutilate him at the dinner table.

Kayce goes to see Monica, and they do it. Of course, Tate walks into the room while Kayce's in bed with Monica. He's so excited.

Kayce gets the directive to ride with Agent Hinden. He has to do everything by the book. While they're out checking airstrips, a call comes in about a dead cow. Since they're searching airstrips because of dead cows, the deputy takes the call.

The rancher hopes it ain't wolves. If it is, then put some mean mules out in the fields with the cattle, Kayce suggests.

At the next property, the come across a real bastard named Jerry. He's killing cows to get the money. Kayce finds his "wolf" in the barn. The deputy tries to arrest the guy, but he puts up a fight. Then his son comes out pointing a gun at both Kayce and the deputy.

Kayce tries to assure the boy that it's no big deal and everyting will be alright. Kayce tries to diffuse the situation, but the deputy shoots the kid. 

While the wranglers and John prepare to burn the pasture, he gets wind of the shooting and heads over. All of this over a dead cow and a thief.

John assures Donnie it's not over a thief but because he failed to lend the promised support.

John gives the world to burn the field just after the news conference runs, and Malcolm decides he knows how they can help John.

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Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

John: Who died?
Jamie: Not who, what.

They don't work with you Kayce; they work for you. And these are questions you should be asking your father.