John Kisses Beth - Yellowstone
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We're in a Rip flashback.

Beth is getting all prettied up in her bedroom.

Rip sees a horse out in the pasture. It got out. Beth doesn't want it caught. It's the horse that killed her mother. When he suggests selling it or putting it down, she tells him he's applying logic where none is needed.

She calls him daddy's new pet, and he doesn't like that much.

She still has a mouth on her.

An old geezer says the little orphan boy fell in love with the bosses daughter. He goes a little too far and suffers a beating by Rip. He hasn't changed.

Lloyd tells the guy he had it coming and if he touches the boy again he'll be sorry.

Rip finds Beth in the barn waiting for him. He's crying because he's angry. He killed his family. She says she killed her mother. They connect.

In the present, Beth thinks she can see the good in Walker and take it and make it a part of herself. He says there's no good in that guy but plenty in her. She apologizes for doing that to him. He says she never needs to apologize.

The next morning, Beth calls out the men for talking about work at the dinner table. John says it's a breakfast table in the morning, and she launches into a nightmare scenario about their kitchen and breakfast and storms off again.

Jamie is still looking for the plane. He wonders if something is a good idea, and John says he wouldn't have suggested it if it wasn't. He also tells Jamie he lost the right to question him for a while.

Beth is in the kitchen. She wants to make sure John knows her passion for subjects before they're introduced. She's pissed Rip is in the bunkhouse and cleaning out stalls. Why doesn't he sleep in the house? Because Rip doesn't want to. They argue. She leaves happy.

It's the Indian relay, and Monica has the students there listening to her physical therapist talk about it.

One of her students wonders what this has to do with Christopher Columbus. Absolutely nothing, she says, but look at all they've learned.

Practice is just a taste, dude says. He invites her to Wyoming ot watch the real deal.

Jimmy is trying to win money by doing some cowboy stuff.

The cowboys are on salary. Who knew?

Jamie and Cassidy talk about the incident from Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 4.

John gets annoyed at Jamie for taking texts during the meeting.

Sarah calls Jamie. She wants to verify his statement before she talks to his father to give him an opportunity to respond. Jamie begs her to pull his quotes and rescinds his consent.

Beth wonders if John ever wonders what Yellowstone looked like before they were there.

Dan Jenkins hires a bodyguard and learns to shoot. he feels like a God.

The bodyguard is a law enforcement agent. He's got Ryan in cuffs and in the trunk.

All of this plays out and Kayce discovers it wasn't Jenkins who killed their cattle. John says it has to be.

Kayce doesn't look good, John says. He looks at his soon and doesn't recognize the man lookin' back at him. What happened to him overseas? He doesn't like to talk about it. Neither did John. They might be more alike than Kayce wants to admit, John says.

Kayce killed a kid while trying to save his crew in Pakistan. The man they were after held his kids on a leash and as a shield. At first, the team froze. With many already dead, Kayce made a split decision killing the target, his wife and his little girl.

The sheriff is watching sports and having a drink when there is a knock at the door. But nobody is there. He sees a parcel van leaving and picks up a box taking it inside. It's a bottle of bourbon with a note. And a bullet. Don't forget who you work for.

The sheriff goes in front of the press and admits the department's failure to respond offering an apology to John and the agents.

Beth wonders how John got him to say that. John says he didn't.

Cowboys cowboyin' and Jimmy loses a lot of money instead of winning it.

When Rip competes, he does it beer in hand.

Lloyd steps in with Jimmy. Get off the horse before one or both get hurt. Rip wants Jimmy to pay the man for losing.

John relaxes by looking at historical photos with a cocktail.

Jamie goes to Beth for help. She can hear him breathing. He has a really big problem and can use some advice. She wonders if he's pregnant. He can't get out of the corner he painted himself into. She drags him to John, who can hardly hide his disappointment.

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Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

There's sharks and minnows in this world, Jimmy, and if you don't know which one you are, then you ain't a fuckin' shark.


Beth: Why are you crying?
Rip: It's just, I get mad sometimes, and this is how it comes out.
Beth: Yeah, I do that, too. Why are you mad?
Rip: I killed my family.
Beth: How?
Rip: By not being bigger.
Beth: I killed my mother.
Rip: How?
Beth: By being scared. I don't do scared anymore. You'll be plenty big someday, I'm sure. Kiss me.
Rip: What for?
Beth: It will make us feel better.
Rip: I don't know how.
Beth: Me neither.