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Flashback to the accident:

The buffalo didn't make it across the road and layed gutted in the middle of the street. Monica didn't fare much better. Tate had a knife in his pocket and get out of the truck to find his mother, ejected from the vehicle. Monica screams for Tate to stay where he was and call for an ambulance.

Tate sends a pin to the 9-1-1 operator, and I'm damned impressed.

Tate is wrapped up and home. Kayce is upstairs in bed, holding Monica in his arms.

Tate wonders if his mom will be OK. Kayce says she's a strong woman. But that's not what Tate asked. Kayce lost a son, and Tate lost a brother, but Monica lost part of herself, and that's harder to get over. Tate thinks they should try again. He liked having a brother.

Rip asks Carter to saddle John's horse. Carter is going to ride him to keep him nible. Rip rides Carter's ass trying to get him to move faster. God didn't add more time to Tuesday, he says, before leaving Lloyd in charge. Carter struggles because, although he does it 15 time a day, he's never done it for himself.

John is trying to get acclimated, asking his assistant, Clara to get him his chief of staff, who has been picked for John and not by him. When Jim gets there, he gets fired, and Beth is promoted.

Beth says she doesn't have time to follow John around the state. Jamie looks on practically dumbfounded. Clara pops the "football" into Beth's lap. John just wants to cancel the airport. Jamie explains how things go down, and John says to cancel the lease. But halting the lease is how they end up with the ranch.

Beth wonders how they're building an airport and condos on land that's agricultural. She says that since it's not yet approved, it won't be waived, which sends Jamie into a tizzy. John doesn't know enough about government to run ramshod across laws and policies, and Lynelle tries to guide him.

Beth follows Jamie, saying that he's not to contradict John again. When John says jump, Jamie asks how high. But Jamie is trying to help John and tries to help Beth understand how market equities is different from a sleazy dude from Hollywood.

Before leaving the room, she insults Jamie, reminding him that this family isn't his family and how he treated his own ain't worth mentioning. It gets uglier from there.

Monica rises from bed. When she looks at herself in the mirror in the bathroom, she cries, cradling her belly.

Monica is surprised to see Kayce sitting outside. He's just there in case she needs something. She wants to have a funeral, just them. Kayce apologizes for not being there. But she says they won't coulda shoulda themselves. Monica would like to bury Baby John at the ranch, and she'd like Kayce to ask John's permission.

There's a cow gutted by wolves in the pasture, but Ryan says it wasn't the wolves that killed him. They ate him, sure, but they didn't kill him. Rip doesn't care. They've got the taste for beef now, and they've got to go.

Walker finds an errant calf and brings it back to the herd. Probably the baby left behind.

A woman is getting off of a private jet. There are other jets circling, and the woman wonders if they're from here. Someone says nobody's from here. Is there an event? Just another Tuesday, she says.

Angela Blue Thunder wants to watch the press conference with Rainwater.

A man is staring at the woman in black's ass. She calls him out on it saying that it's he's gonna look, then he should just do it.

She's a part of market equities, joining the others.

Jamie takes a file to John. He tells John that by signing this order, he's signing a declaration of war. John says too late, we're already at war.

At his press conference, John ponders freedom, and building a city in the middle of their land culls that freedom from the people who reside there. That's not progress, that's an invasion, and he's stopping it today.

Caroline starts the lawsuit immediately. The woman in black wonders who Jamie is and notes that he doesn't look up to this fight. She'll start with him. She loves it when Caroline gets really mad because it means she's gonna make a lot of money.

Beth is leasing a new car and gets a compliment from the valet. She says the lease payments have an inverse relationship with the length of her skirt. He's at a loss, so she spells it out for him.

Carter had a great day, until John's horse falls with Carter on him. There was a great crack. John's horse has to be put down. Carter is left standing in the field with a broken arm, and Rip tells him to take the bridle and saddle and walk it back to the barn.

While Beth is drinking at the bar, a fellow orders a Trout Slayer, and offers one to Beth. He strikes up a conversation, and she offers him one chance to leave her alone while before he leaves a little less worse for the wear, and she proceeds to rip him a new asshole.

Beth joins John and some other fellows, including a man names Kyle, who is Dexter's father. John wants them to deny the request to rezone. They're eager to give money to the moneied, but John says there won't be any litigation and Kyle and Ronnie will both still be in office.

They remain skeptical. Andy will vote to approve no matter what they do, and that's why Andy isn't sitting here. John only needs two votes. First, they deny the rezoning request, and then they cancel lease. He's putting the ranch into a conservation easement, which worries Beth. John's only worry is that it remains whole, which is more important than any name on a deed.

John returns to the ranch and gets an update from Rip. He apologizes about the horse, but John has bigger fish to fry. Rip and Beth, meanwhile, get to shove a week's worth of lovin' into eight hours.

Ryan and Colby find the wolves snacking on the dead animals and shoot them dead. Upon investigation, they discover they have shot wolves from the park. They're all banded. Soon, there will be 15 game wardens in the park, and that will be the least of their problems. These wolves have facebook pages, and people walk around in their t-shirts.

Flashback to Young John Dutton and Lloyd discovering dead animals, a calf and elk, as well as dead fish in the water. They find a crew of men with construction equipment. When Someone asks what the hell John thinks he's doing, John slugs him. He wants to know what they're spraying. Whatver they're spraying is killing everything.

The guys say take it up with the EPA. The EPA says it's harmless, but it's killing John's cattle. In the cover of darkness, Rip and another hand send the big equipment over the hill. They've stolen the pesticides, and they take the stuff to the man's house, spraying it all over his home.

Now, the birds are dropping out of the sky, flowers are dying, and the man is out in the yard, covered on the stuff. It sure doesn't look like he thinks the stuff is as harmless as he says as he runs screaming into the shower.

Rip and Beth are in bed. She thinks he should be plum wore out. He's just thinking, and they aren't good thoughts. That's when he gets a call from Ryan. Rip has a plan to get the collars back to the park.

By morning, they're wrapping the collars around wood and tossing it into the water. Rip says, next time, don't shoot the ones wearing GPS beacons.

Clara has never seen anything like the ranch. She wonders where it ends, and John says you can't see it from here. She can't believe what it must take to maintain the place, and John assures her it takes everything they've got.

Rip is tilling soil, likely to get rid of the wolves, while the collars head downstream. Suddenly, one of them is caught on a branch.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

For God sakes, Clara. If it has the word alliance in the title, cancel it.


John: Jim, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, Beth.
Jim: Pleased to meet you.
John: She's my new chief of staff. Get out of my office.