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Young John Dutton and his crew are out on the range.

Young Rip finds a mutilated cow and her calf, and he removes his rifle. John finds another mutilated carcas and hears a gunshot.

Rip gives them an update on what he found. John says it ain't dogs. This is when the wolves were first released. The pawprint is massive.

The townsfolk are pissed off. They brought in wolves from Canada, and they have no idea how to survive here. John walks to the front of the room, wondering what he missed. He's got the news nobody wants to hear -- it is wolves.

He's with a guy named Keith and someone else. Keith is shocked that John lost five of his herd. Rancher support allowed the reintroduction of wolves, but if they're not protected, they'll take matters into their own hands.

Aside: Gosh, I love young John Dutton and would love another spinoff of that era.

Present day Rip wakes up to find Beth already out of bed and starting her morning. She's going to Salt Lake. Loose ends are in Salt Lake.

John is in his favorite place on the front porch, and he almost scares the heck out of Beth. They're both up early. She's keeping her promise to him, and he's reflecting. He can only reflect in the morning.

He's thinking about their mother, a magnificent woman who he wishes had lived long enough so that they knew that and how much she loved them.

Beth knows that's not what he's thinking.

The conversation shakes Beth a bit, who is in tears once she gets into the car.

It's Lloyd's 70th birthday, and the bunkhouse gang are having a ball in the bathroom. Walker's got Laramie in the shower.

Tonight, it's steaks to celebrate Lloyd's birthday.

Rip finds Carter feeding the calf who lost its mama. Carter wonders if it will get shipped off, and Rip assures him it won't. Orphans don't get shipped off around here.

Carter is going out again today because Rip aims to make a cowboy out of him.

Fish and Wildlife arrives, trailer in tow. They're here about the radio collar. Rip says it sounds like poachers, and they ask if he wants to ride with them. It's not a question.

Rainwater and Mo visit Kayce and Monica about the baby's death. The ceremony is a private as the death itself. It's to send the boy off in the right way, grief comes later.

Kayce no longer wants the job because every time he does it, something goes wrong. Mo says he did a lot of good with that path, but Kayce says it's not his. He needs a job, but Rainwater says he doesn't know how his skills suit on the reservation. Mo suggests a state investigator for Montana at Jamie's request.

Monica is struggling. She slices off all of her hair with an angry cry. Mo stops Kayce from going to her. She has to grieve.

Jamie has been served by the Market Equities attorneys. Jamie calls for coffee, only one cup. He's ready to attack and has answers at the ready. The male leaves angrily, and the woman we have yet to meet, Sarah, is still in the office. She didn't expect to find attorneys with sophistication.

Sarah plays Jamie. Her voice is a little grating. She ends up asking Jamie to dinner, the Deerfield Club. He's intrigued and will attend.

Sarah is pleased with herself.

Kayce finds John doing more contemplating whether he can consider what's good for Montana good for the family. Kayce says it depends on which Montana and which family.

John is disappointed that Kayce is leaving the job, but he understands. They choose a spot for the baby's burial together.

Mo says it was nice having Kayce as the commissioner since he was on their side. Rainwater has been trying to get an appointment with John to no avail. Mo says he accomplished his entire four-year agenda on his first day.

When they get back to the casino, there is a youngster aggrandizing about Rainwater to a small crowd.

Mo suggests moving the guy from the front of the casino, but Rainwater says that will just martyr him. Apparently, they are only allowed to sell alcohol to white men. Amber is there to school him on how screwed up that is. She hopes to remove him.

Rip leaves the agents in the pasture before they see something in the dirt. A footprint, maybe?

A gang is on their way to meet with Beth at Schwartz and Meyer. She's selling but wants to keep the real estate. They think it's too good to be true and ask her to point out the rattlesnake in the dirt. She asks for privacy with Rob. He joins her for a smoke, after all, she's seen him snort coke off a stripper's stomach.

She gives him the skinny on Market Equities firing her for cause and that they'll get Schwartz and Meyer involved, too. They'll also sue for eminent domain. She wonders if Rob wants to fuck over Market Equities, just a little bit. He wants to do it a lot.

She's going to put the land in a conservation easement and outlines a situation where they come into control of Market Equities, and there's not a damn thing they can do about it. She says she's the rattlesnake, but she's not going to bite him.

She urges him to make the decision alone. It's not financial and attorneys only fuck up deals. He says she better watch her back. They might put a hit on her. She says after this, the hit will be on them.

Beth is on top of the world when she gets home, where she finds Rip and Carter eating dinner. They need to celebrate. When Beth hears about Lloyd's party, she's ready to get her party on.

Caroline is watching the news and doesn't want to be interrupted. Ellis arrives with the news about the conservation easement and that the board wants her to return to New York. Now, New York wants to drop the suit. Caroline wants Ellis to find a way to ruin the family, but he's not really into it. She says there are no rules for Sarah. Turn her loose.

Beth is bored with the party. It's just cards. Carter says he can clean the table, and Rip wants him to watch. By now, Lloyd is 85, but Lloyd still claims 58.

Beth wants to go to a bar, and Rip and everyone else says no. Real and fake cowboys in the same bar leads to fighting. Rip laughs. No might have been a poor choice of words. Beth's gonna force him to have fun tonight.

Beth orders shots and beers for the whole gang. They're all on edge. The gal singing is the same one from the premiere party, and Ryan tips his hat to her.

Bar M is there, too, and Rip buys him a whiskey.

Rip watching his lady dancing, and while Beth and Teeter dance on the floor, a chick hits on Rip before walking straight into Beth's range. Tonight, the fighting starts with her.

They're standing outside with the police and Beth can't help herself. She walks over and punches the gal right in her face. Rip is in trouble because he protected Beth, who they put in a choke hold.

There's a new sheriff in town, and he doesn't put up with this shit. Beth is being charged with aggravated assault, and Rip promises the sheriff that this will be a huge problem for him.


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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

John: And remember this. Rancher support is the reason you were able to reintroduce them in the first place, but if you can't protect us like you promised, then they will be forced to take matters into their own hands. They'll have no choice.
Keith: Killing an endangered species is a felony, John. I'd remind the ranchers of that.
John: You don't know me well enough to call me John. It's Commissioner Dutton. If the Fish and Wildlife officers aren't on my front porch by Friday with a check, well, you're gonna get to know me real well.

Wrangler: I thought they weren't supposed to leave the park.
John: Well, I guess they didn't tell the wolves that. If they did, they ain't listenin'.