other side of the coin - YOU Season 4 Episode 2
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  • Joe is tryihng to figure out which person is the one who is setting him up and taunting him.
  • Joe gets invited to Simon's art show which is all mysterious.
  • Joe stocks up on whodunits and enlists Nadia's help since she loves them to figure them out.
  • After talking to Nadia, Joe suspects that Elliot set him up for the murder. He calls him but Elliot doesn't know what he's talking about.
  • Joe gets another message from his stalker who starts psychoanalyzing him and seems close to unraveling his secrets.
  • Joe meets up with Phoebe wh is the one who sent him the invitation to simon's show. He picks up that no one likes Malcolm at all, including the entire friend group.
  • Kate's the one they like more.
  • Phoebe carries a lot of weight and they ease up on their mean girl act when they know Phoebe has basically adopted him.
  • Joe investigates Malcolm's office for clues.
  • He finds a book with numbers and games. He was into betting horses.
  • Nadia helps him lean into his skills. He starts using his obervation skills and has Adam as his primary suspect at the moment.
  • Joe follows Adam and finds that he has a sordid secret about his kink. One of the bodyguard's finds him and Joe lies and says he's writing a book about the rich.
  • After talking to Adam, Joe shifts his perspective on who is the primary suspect. He also talks to Rhys again and wonders why he's friends with people he has nothing in common with.
  • Someone, the same girl who helped Joe get into the place while avoiding paparazzi, comes into the event and throws paint all over Simon and his art. She announces that Simon is a fake. Simon uses the display as a bit pretending like its part of the show.
  • Joe tells Kate where he can find the woman who made a scene. They find her and talk to her.
  • She says that she was Simon's assistant and  did all of Simon's work and he got all the credit.
  • Kate pays Blue, the artist, 3000 for her silence presumably. Joe realizes that Malcolm knew something was up about Simon and came to Blue too. He said he would expose Siimon.
  • Joe thinks that Simon is the one who killed Malcolm since Malcolm was onto him.
  • Joe stakes out the place hoping to catch Simon up to no good but falls asleep. The police show up and Simon is dead.
  • The killer cut off Simon's ear. The friends don't seem too torn up about it.
  • Joe overhears Kate on the phone, she's helping Blue after what she learned. She's nicer than she gives off which throws Joe off.
  • After talking to Nadia, Joe realizes that she was closer to Malcolm than he imagined.
  • Joe offers to read Nadia's work instead since shes working on a book.
  • When Joe gets home there are a bunch of newspapers all over his wall that are about Beck, Love, and everything else and the mysterous person texts him with his name.
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YOU Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Sorry to hear you fucked up your new life, though, but I am now officially and literally above all that shit. I wish you an end to suffering and the roots of suffering and fuck you very much for making me destroy this perfectly good phone.


One of you... one of you fuckers sent me those texts. One of you is watching me. One of you killed Malcolm, left him on my table, and is now trying to frame me for it. You know I cleaned up his body. Maybe not like someone who is never ever done that before. Unfortunately, that would be very interesting to you. So which one are you?

Joe Voiceover