I've never met anyone like Kate Galvin. In another world, another life, I'd run after her, risk everything for her. But I can't because I'm already in a relationship with you, Rhys.

Joe Voiceover

Rhy: It's a shame. Clearly, you're not the man I hoped you were. I did have a plan A before I knew who you were, to frame you for Malcolm's murder.
Joe: Rhys.
Rhys: I suppose I could go back. I don't want to, but sometimes things don't work out with the person the way you dream. If you're clever enough to get yourself free, I'll see you back in London, and we can revisit this. Otherwise, goodbye, Joe.

You really are the Eat the Rich Killer. You hate them.

Joe Voiceover

By the power invested in my by God and Empire, I hereby sentence you, Jonathan Moore, to death.


How are you this good at hiding bodies? Who are you?


Joe: One thing, if we do this, once we start, we have to see it through together. Kate: As in, I don't seize the first opportunity I have to pin it on you.
Joe: And I don't abandon you either.
Kate: Fine.
Joe Voiceover: And once I confirm it's really you, I can do what needs to be done.

Joe Voiceover: I've been here before. Of course, this would happen. Of course, this woman I've somehow fallen in with would be you.
Kate: I don't know why I grabbed this.
Joe Voiceover: Can a sign of a corpse really still upset you? Or is this fun?

My father is the worst man alive, and I am his favorite daughter.


Everything in me says, "Let them die." It's perverse you've made me their protector.

Joe Voiceover

Joe I can't possibly know what it's like to feel cursed by your past and your blood. And to see every slip as proof that you can never get away.
Kate: What happened to you?
Joe: My story isn't as exciting as yours, but I know the feeling.
Kate: I actually, I believe you.
Joe: Well, I believe you can be the person you want to be. In fact, I think you're already her.
Joe Voiceover: No, what is happening? No, I can't fall for her.

Gemma: Is it true that American men are better in bed, or is it only the Jewish ones?
Joe Voiceover: Is it even legal to say that?
Gemma:Joking! We're having a laugh. Please try and have a sense of humor, at least, Jonathan.
Joe Voiceover: I will if she starts being funny.

Jonathan, do you harbor resentment for what we have that people like yourself don't?


YOU Quotes

The longer you know somebody, the more cursed you are to see them as human. Even people like Roald.


Friends and neighbors, I'd like to thank you for welcoming my family with open arms, but you didn't. I moved to the suburbs because I bought into the dream, community, prosperity, and most of all safety. But I never felt safe here, judged from day one for my past, my body, how I raised my child. If I wasn't perfect, I would lose it all, a game so rigged that it would only exist in a world that hates women, especially mothers. But what choice did I have? But I played, and I realize that your fence, your doorbell cam, you're telling yourself that you're keeping your family safe but it's a lie you're too afraid to do what you need to do to really protect your own. I am not a coward, I do what has to be done to protect my family. I killed the adulterer next door. I killed the anti-vaxxer who sickened my child, hunted down the reporter who threatened us.I trapped the couple who tried to sabotage us, forced them to really see each other. I forced my husband to play along. But in the end, he was a coward too. And when I realized he had come to hate me, I killed him. Better than a messy divorce. Everybody keeps their dignity. When the shock wears off and you feel safe jogging in your expensive athleisurewear again, remember, you can get off the hamster-wheel at any time.