From a Distance  - YOU Season 4 Episode 5
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Joe is pissed when he sees the body and assumes that Kate has been the killer the whole time.

  • Meanwhile, she's freaking out and trying to figure out what to do witht he body and how to keep all this from everyone else.
  • Kate is afraid that if her father knew, he'd own her and that's why she's trying to get the situation handled. She wants Joe to play along becuase it doesn't look good for him either.
  • Joe says he has an idea and they agree to have each other's backs if they follow through with it.
  • Roald wants to see Joe before he talks to anyone ese.
  • All the others are getting high.
  • Everyone is hyped up about getting control and screwing democracy.
  • Phoebe comes in whiel they're trying to deal witht he body. She talks to them about Adam possibly cheating and Joe suggests that Adam has a kink which gets her out after Kate implies they're about to have sex.
  • They go to move the body but her body falls through the chest so they come up with plan B, tossing her out the window.
  • Joe tells her that a her got framed too with Malcolm. And that they're threatening him. He stays close enough to the truth about having a wife and needing to leave his son and she believes him.
  • Phoebe approaches Adam about his kink, figures it out, and tries to partake in it, but he tells her it isn't the same. She concludes that they arent equals in their relationshp and breaks things off with him.
  • Kate tries to have sex again after they move the body, but Joe stops her. She realizes her bracelet is with the body and missing. She goes to her room to look for it, but Phoebe is there and has discovered the bloody carpet.
  • Adam is mad at Joe and wants to kill him and Roald is ready to kill him too.
  • Phoebe is relieved Gemma is dead and not Kate but takes it well. Kate breaks down that something is fishy and they have to keep it from the others.
  • Phoebe suggests that they bring Kate's father in all of this.
  • Roald overhears kate and phoebe talking and finds Joe with the body. He has him at gunpoint.
  • He presents him as the killer to the others.
  • Roald wants to hunt Joe down like a dog after getting the others on his side blaming Joe for everything.
  • Kate sends her security after Roald once she hears what he's doing.
  • Joe manages to wrestle the gun from  Roald and choke him out but Rhys shows up, grabs the gun, and knocks Joe out.
  • Joe wakes up in captivity.
  • Rhys says that they'll pin all the murders on Roald.
  • Rhys seems like a JOe fanboy.
  • Rhys keeps Joe chained up until he kills Roald, and he swears to do the rest.
  • Kate goes out  there to search for them.
  • Rhys realizes that Joe is lying to him and playing him as a fool, so he says he'll go back to his original plan of framing Joe.
  • Joe gets free and reluctantly frees Roald too when he wakes u p and begs.
  • Kate resucues them from the dungeon and the house goes up in flames.
  • Kate brings Joe clothes and asks him out on a date and wants to thank  him. He declines her offer.
  • Rhys announces that he's running for Mayor of London officially.


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YOU Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Joe: One thing, if we do this, once we start, we have to see it through together. Kate: As in, I don't seize the first opportunity I have to pin it on you.
Joe: And I don't abandon you either.
Kate: Fine.
Joe Voiceover: And once I confirm it's really you, I can do what needs to be done.

Joe Voiceover: I've been here before. Of course, this would happen. Of course, this woman I've somehow fallen in with would be you.
Kate: I don't know why I grabbed this.
Joe Voiceover: Can a sign of a corpse really still upset you? Or is this fun?