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Liza and Charles are at a dinner party and almost immediately realize that being in a relationship and also competitors is going to force them into a friendly competition. 

They begin scurrying around the room trying to schmooze writers left and right, and it leaves some authors uncomfortable to be caught in the middle. 

When Charles secures a home remodeling book from a Joanna and Chip Gaines type couple, Liza realizes that the competition is getting stiff. 

Charles is scooping all of the authors right from under Millennial, which is infuriating Kelsey. 

Her rage intensifies when she finds out that Charles has made the hot list while her name was added into the low brow column. 

Liza is convinced they have a shot securing a memoir from a young musician who got into Harvard at an early age. 

Julia and Liza have been communicating for months with Liza's hope being that they'll secure the book at her performance that night. 

When she arrives at the show, Liza is surprised to see Charles sitting in the front row. 

All of her hopes dwindle when Diana informs her Julia is the recipient of the Brooks' family scholarship; Charles basically helped Julia get where she is today. 

Liza stays to convince Julia to choose Millennial, a publishing house supportive powerful women, while Diana and Kelsey go drown their sorrows at an ax-throwing bar. 

During a heart-to-heart, Diana questions Liza's loyalty and tells Kelsey that Liza has to make a choice. 

The bathroom at the establishment is broken so Kelsey suggests they go take care of business in the alley. 

She keeps watch while Diana goes to relieve herself but fails to see the cops pull up behind Diana. 

The cop attempts to give Diana a ticket and doesn't take well to her suggestion of making a big donation since it's technically bribery. 

Kelsey gets irritated and, forgetting that she was still wielding the ax, begins swinging it at the officer. 

Needless to say, they both end up in jail. No worries, their mugshots look perfect! 

Enzo comes to bail them out just as Liza shows up. 

Kelsey asks Liza if she's been feeding Charles information about their authors since he's constantly beating them to the punch. 

She informs Liza that not everyone can be a winner, but Liza tells her that Charles is also struggling since he invested all of his own money into a company with no guarantee that it would take off. 

When she arrives at home, she catches up with Josh and his baby girl, Gemma, who spent the episode becoming a major Instagram influencer thanks to her aunt Lauren. 

Charles stops by and is thrown off to see Liza and Josh cozied up on the couch. 

Liza runs after him and he wonders if he's competing with Josh. 

Liza immediately shoots down those insecurities but does inform him that they are competing for authors and she doesn't know how long this rivalry can keep going without getting ugly. 

Charles tells her he doesn't see it as a rivalry because essentially, no matter who is signing the authors, they all benefit him since he still has a stake in Millennial.

He's the bottom line.

Liza disagrees realizing that Charles isn't taking her and Kelsey seriously at all. 

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Younger Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Charles: You're enjoying this.
Liza: Maybe I am. What choice do I have? Be mad at you or be better?

Liza: Don't read into it. It's just a pop culture hot or not list.
Kelsey: Charles is hot and I'm not?