If you don't want to be here, just go home.


Zane: But I thought you two were back together.
Kelsey: We're selling a book, Zane, not exploiting Charles for sales.

I keep coming back to you, Liza, even when I know I should move on, and I need to put a ring between us.


Zane, let me catch you up. I've already had two New York Times bestsellers and turned an advice book about a dog into a million dollar franchise. I don't need your help.


Liza: Well, are you in love with Josh?
Clare: Well, I love that he's willing to do this so I can follow my dreams in the states. He's amazing, right?

Charles: They made it sound like we reconciled.
Pauline: Not the craziest idea in the world, is it?
Charles: I think we are still a...work in progress.
Pauline: Fair enough.

Uh oh, you know that Brooks Brother mannequin that runs your company? He's coming our way. Look young.


You know, before I met Richard, I was prepared to accept that this was my life. No plus one, no one beaming like an idiot beside me in photographs, and I was OK with it then. And I'm OK with it now.


Pauline: I don't know how to thank you.
Liza: For what?
Pauline: It's in the guest room, but I'm finally back home. I feel like this book has done everything I ever dreamed of, and you have made it so much better. I can never thank you enough.

Jay: Hey. Oh, my God. You're in love with Charles.
Liza: I am. I do love him! I know that I shouldn't, but I do! And you're so nice. You're so nice, and I'm so sorry.

You're leaving. We'll never get to know what we could have been, ya know?


Pauline: God, I am so glad Charles didn't take you off the book.
Liza: What do you mean?
Pauline: Oh, it was nothing. I'm sure it's because we're getting along too well, and he feels outnumbered.
Liza: Yeah, that must be it.