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It's been a while since we've heard any mention of Charles' children or seen Liza play a significant role in their life, but the top of "The Debu-taunt" saw the couple talking about Bianca's book report, which Liza helped with. 

Since Bianca forgot it at home, Liza offers to drive it over to her school where she runs into Pauline while wearing her jacket.

Damn, New York moody weather.

Though it should be an awkward encounter, Pauline is super friendly and polite and even offers to add Liza to the school pick-up list because "she'll be around for the long haul."

Charles gets a kick out of Liza's brush with his ex and thinks it's even funnier that she somehow got roped into having lunch with her. 

But the brush with Pauline comes at an opportune time -- Millennial is gearing up for the publishing debutante ball, and Zane suggests they take Pauline as their first-time writer since "Marriage Vacation" was such a hit. 

It turns out Pauline is very much interested in attending as she's been struggling with her new editor and wants Liza, the only editor that ever understood her, to read through her pages and give her some inspiration again. 

And boy, does Liza take her role seriously. 

Pauline gets plenty of inspiration when she finds out that Liza isn't the "twenty-something" assistant her husband fell in love with; she's 42. 

The school receptionist revealed Liza's secret to Pauline when she was picking the girls up from school.

Understandably peeved, Pauline arrives at the debutante ball and informs Charles of Liza's lie. 

Charles inhales deeply and reveals that he already knew about Liza's real-age and assures her that he should have been honest with her.

There's no time to talk Pauline off the ledge because she's being escorted into the ball by her editor, Liza, whom she proceeds to throw under the bus. 

Pauline reveals Liza's real-age to the crowd leaving Liza, Charles, and Kelsey flabbergasted. 

Diana is so appalled by Pauline's "delusions" that she jumps to Liza's defense calling Pauline a petty, scorned ex. 

Liza informs Diana that Pauline is telling the truth, which shatters Diana's world as she turns to see that everyone else knew the truth. 

She rushes outside of the gala onto Times Square and collapses. 

At the ER, the doctor informs Liza and Charles that Diana suffered a panic attack. 

Enzo arrives to check on his new fiancee who is so upset, she refuses to see Liza. 

Enzo, for his part, is impressed with how good Liza looks for her age. 

The next day at the office, Diana arrives at the crack of dawn to avoid Liza. 

When Liza finally confronts her, Diana begins questioning why any sane, self-respecting woman would take a job being someone's bitch. 

Liza explains that she needed a gig in publishing and saw an opportunity, but as time went on, she didn't stay solely for the money. She'd built some great relationships with everyone in the office including Diana. 

Diana forgives her under one condition: honesty is the best and only policy going forward. 

Then, it seems like she's going to say something more sentimental but instead, reverts to how things used to be by giving Liza a task to complete. 

"I love you, too," Liza tells Diana who made it clear Liza will now be her "old maid of honor."

Earlier in the episode, Charles jumped the gun and asked Liza to move in with him and though she said yes, those plans are now on hold as Pauline "rethinks" the custody agreement.

Meanwhile, Josh continued to be Liza's friend offering her a shoulder to cry on when her whole world was falling apart. 

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