On Younger Season 5 Episode 5, Liza finds out the horrible truth about Don, but it is nothing compared to what she finds out Caitlin has been up to in college.

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On Younger Season 5 Episode 5, Liza's secret is almost exposed publically, Josh is forced to make a choice about his future, Kelsey is torn between two really great guys and Lauren schools everyone on "gender queer."

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Liza's secret forces her to think on her feet; Kelsey gets familiar with her new author; Josh grapples with the commitments he's made.

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Younger Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Kelsey: Who is that?
Lauren: Oh, that's my new intern.
Kelsey: You have an intern?
Lauren: It's basically slave labor, TBQH, but they are getting the credit for school so my conscience is clear.

Jake: Can I kiss you?
Kelsey: What? Sorry, I just thought Obama's speechwriter would be a little smoother than that.
Jake: Oh, well, it worked on Michelle.