It's wedding day on Younger Season 6 Episode 12. Diana prepares for her big day with Enzo as Liza finds herself stuck between Charles and Josh.

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On Younger Season 6 Episode 12, Diana and Enzo tie the knot, Liza is conflicted about her feelings for both Josh and Charles, Kelsey tries to move on from Millennial but finds that it's harder than she thought.

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On Younger Season 6 Episode 12, Diana and Charles both make moves for the future while Kelsey strategizes with an unlikely ally and Liza tries to find balance.

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Younger Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

I believe you, Kelsey. And I wish I didn't. But you deserve to get what you want, I just wish you wanted more. And if you do one day, if you want more than just business advice from me, it's going to have to be your move. Okay? You're going to have to reach out. Good luck with your pitches.


Why do you even call it Millennial anymore? Cause it sounds better than menopausal?